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RPOF's new Crist-bashing ad: 'Slick politician, lousy governor.'


The Republican Party of Florida this morning announced a new ad titled "run away" that lists the parade of horribles that unfolded during the term of now-Democrat Charlie Crist when he was governor. The ad doesn't mention that there was a national and global financial meltdown, nor that RPOF staunchly defended Crist during his term because he was a... Republican.

But this isn't about history. This is about a campaign. And in that regard, it's a pretty good spot. At 30 seconds, it's the right length for a TV ad, but it's unclear if/when/where this will air as paid media in people's living rooms.



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Ed Jenkins

As has been seen from time to time when better economic situations occur the people need to be reminded about previous bad situations such as the position the state was left in by the scumbag crist and this commercial serves that purpose. While Floridians initially doubted the political novice scott, they have been won over by his exemplary fiscal stewardship to the point that some may have forgotten the horrible position the state was in when he too over from scumbag crist.

Jim Jacobs

@ Ed Jenkins
You have a very short memory. Shortly after taking office, Scott turned down a grant of $2.2 billion from the Federal Department of Transportation to build a demonstration high speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando that would have put 20,000 people to work. A few years later, the Republican majority legislature turned down $5.1 billion per year for three years from the federal government that would have provided health care for Florida's neediest citizens. At first, Scott was against accepting this money, then he said that he favored doing so. But he did not try to use his substantial influence as Governor to sway even one legislator to vote for the bill. Scott is all show and no substance.

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