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Scott call for corporate filing fee cut has Crist link

Gov. Rick Scott released another small piece of his proposed $500 million tax and fee reduction package Friday.

Like his proposal to roll back auto tag fees by about $400 million, the latest proposal appears to have a link to his likely opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist.

Scott will ask the Legislature to reduce corporate filing fees by $33 million next year for businesses that must submit annual reports to the Department of State's Division of Corporations. Some of those fees were increased in 2009, when Crist was governor and Kurt Browning was secretary of state. State officials decided too many businesses were ignoring the law and getting away with it, and the state was desperately looking for new revenue during a recession.

According to a release from the governor's office, the changes would reduce about 50 different corporate filing fees and the penalties associated with late filings, taking into account the number of months the filing is late.

Florida businesses have been smarting because of a change in state law a few years ago that increased penalties for corporations that miss the filing deadline. The governor's office did not release specifics on which corporate filing fees would be reduced and by how much, or how the penalties might change.

Scott's latest proposal is a recommendation to the Republican-controlled state Legislature, which writes the annual budget.

-- Steve Bousquet


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ed jenkins

The taxpayers greatly appreciate this return of their money that was improperly confiscated by the scumbag crist and this was all made possible by the exemplary fiscal stewardship of scott who was initially doubted as a political novice but has now won over the citizens.


Just so people are clear on this , it was not Crist who raised the fees, it was Jeb Bush. Right now I'm staring at the Certificate of Administrative Dissolution or Revocation of my small business dated 9/24/1999 and signed by one Katherine Harris.

The letter from her sent 9/13/99 says, "The fee to file the annual report is $150.00 plus $400.00 late fee for a total of $550.00."

When I started the business in 1994, the late fee was $50.

I wrote to the state and pleaded the case that raising these late fees so much (an increase of 800%) was an unfair burden for small businesses - because typically small business owners have to do everything, and sometime, stuff is a little late, and because a $400 late fee to a large business is a drop in the bucket whereas it can be devastating to a small business.

Did they care? Not in the least.

Scott's 'fee reduction-palooza" is so transparent. If Rick Scott really cared about reducing the fiscal burden of these fees to the average business owner, he would have done it within the first or at least second year of his administration, not just right before a re-election campaign.

Jack Stewart


You are 100% correct. Just another election year scheme by the beady-eyed Scott.


Give em hell Charlie!

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