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Sheriff: Trey Radel's coke conviction means he can't drive school bus


U.S. Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fort Myers, is back to work in Congress following a few weeks in rehab after he got busted for cocaine possession in Washington.

He’s lucky he has that job, some say. With a drug arrest on his record, he wouldn’t be eligible for a host of other gigs -- like driving a bus in his own district.

Radel’s conviction prompted some high-profile Republicans to call for his ouster. Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, who was mentioned as a potential opponent, announced on Facebook Jan. 11 that he won’t run. But Scott vowed to be a "staunch advocate for his political replacement" and unleashed this attack:

"While Radel returned to his congressional office following a microwave stint in rehab and a gaggle of rehearsed apologies, I have hundreds of inmates in our jail that are unable to return to their home due to similar or lesser drug offenses," Scott said on Facebook. "The sad reality is that Trey Radel does not even qualify to drive a Lee County school bus at this point, yet he occupies a seat in Congress....."

Scott’s Facebook post was reported by multiple news outlets.

Is Scott correct that Radel’s cocaine possession conviction means he would not meet the qualifications to drive a Lee County school bus? Turn to PolitiFact for the answer.


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Not being an apologist for Radel, but...

Those hundreds of inmates would be eligible for Radel's seat as well...

Alcee Hastings and a host of others are in DC with just as shameful items on their resume... the next election will resolve the issue... and my guess is Republicans won't be as forgiving as Democrats.


Exactly, just look at David Vitter and Mike Crapo, for example. still in office.

ed jenkins

The readers continue to not renew their subscriptions to this hometown paper because they have no interest in stories on politicians from distant places.


The readers that actually subscribe to the Miami Herald and pay for it continue to subscribe because of the broad coverage of news events that the newspaper provides.


Congressman Trey Radel should be in an unemployment line waiting for no benefits because he was fired for fault in integrity and was out hunting down some illegal entertainment.

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