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State doubles staff to cope with glitches of $63 million unemployment website


Ok, this is getting expensive.

More than 250 staffers will be hired over the next three months to help process claims for jobless benefits. Another 80 will be hired to handle calls.

The massive hiring follows the aftermath of the Department of Economic Opportunity's troubled roll out of its $63 million website to process unemployment claims. Since its Oct. 15 debut, it has been plagued with problems, giving the state's more than 230,000 claimants much to stress about as they wait, and wait, for the money they need to survive to arrive. At first, DEO executive director Jesse Panuccio blamed the media for raising needless alarms.

But since December, Panuccio has acknowledged that the website does face persistent problems. On Dec. 20, the state announced that it began enforcing a $15,000-per-business day penalty against Deloitte and was withholding $3 million from the vendor. It will be paid when CONNECT is "fully functioning."

A large number of the thousands of delays in payments since the launch have come in the processing of claims that are in dispute or in question. There are 250 employees, called "adjudicators", who currently review these claims and help make a determination if they are valid or not. 

The DEO will add 100 adjudicators in January, another 100 in February and 50 in March.

"We have focused on this area because we know it will do the most to expedite payments to people who have been waiting the longest," Panuccio said in a statement Thursday. 

Another 80 agents will also be added to call centers to help the DEO respond to the flood of calls and complaints it has received since the launch of the website.

"We are dedicated to making sure every claim is processed quickly, and we will continue to work until every claimant is served," Panuccio said. 

How much will all this cost? Panuccio and the DEO have yet to say.


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ed jenkins

The citizens do not want to see any money wasted on this most distasteful program of handing confiscated money over to their neighbors not to work. Charities exist for those truly unfortunate and by the citizens do not mean poorly budgeting, spending large amounts of money on extravagant meals, luxury cars or homes and most certainly illegal drugs. The citizens request that this entire program be discontinued.


Yes Ed we, the unemployed, are feeding off the public mammary glands and sure do appreciate your contribution to the funds allowing us to charge up extravagant meals catered to our luxury homes for us to snack on while doing drugs...and think of it, all that on $300 a week!!! Who says I can't budget? Is this a great country or what?


Drugs and extravagant meals? just want my money for bus fair so i can START WORK!

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