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The human cost of Florida's broken unemployment system


BROOKSVILLE — Tina Cash had already been up for two hours applying for jobs online when she heard her 20-month-old daughter crying in her crib.

She plodded in and tried to smile at the tousled-haired toddler. "Hi, Pumpkin," she said, giving the girl a kiss and lifting her out of the crib. "I love you."

Cash, 34, was six months pregnant, single, unemployed. She had 86 cents in her polka-dot wallet and had been evicted from her two-bedroom apartment. She had sold her couch, her bedroom set, her baby's bouncer and infant car seat and all her gold jewelry to live. She hadn't received an unemployment payment — nearly $2,000 in all — since late October.

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ed jenkins

As has been stated before the people are tired about broken internet websites being blamed for their neighbors financial conditions and the desires of their neighbors to mooch off them. If a woman does not have a husband to support her, there is no reason why she should be pregnant and with another child already. This is an example of the poor budgeting that leaves people in this condition and it is also likely that money was spend on extravagant meals, expensive cars or houses or even worse illegal drugs. Charities are available for this lady if she is truly in need but a website is not the cause of her problems.


I have been waiting on unemployment since October 2013. Every week they tell me they will fix it. I have been living off my savings and now i am out of money. There are people that take advantage of the system but this is the first time I ask for money and I can't even get it. It is very stressful when you depend on unemployment and can not get it. I finally got a job that I am starting in Feb 2014. I don't know how I would like if I didn't' get it. This is absolutely ridiculous and it is affecting people lives. This is needs to be fixed, please.

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