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United for Care says it has signatures to get medical marijuana on ballot

United for Care, the organization working to get a medical marijuana initiative on the November ballot, announced Wednesday night on its web site that it has shifted to campaign mode and has enough signatures to get on the ballot.

"I believe we have collected the petitions we need to get on the ballot. Over 1.1 million in all,'' wrote Ben Pollara on the organization's web site. "This could not have happened without the amazing generosity of our thousands of donors - and in particular, our Chairman, John Morgan, who donated millions to this endeavor."

Morgan, an Orlando trial lawyer, and his family contributed more than $2.5 million to the initiative effort, much of it in the final weeks as the group hired hundreds of petition gatherers to collect the signatures needed in time to have them verified by the Feb. 1 deadline.

Elections officials are still in the process of validating the signatures presented by the organization and are expected to reject a few hundred thousand of them. Under state law, the group needs 683,149 valid signatures, and must have its language approved by the Florida Supreme Court in order to make it to the ballot.

Attorney General Pam Bondi, House Speaker Will Weatherford, Senate President Don Gaetz and Gov. Rick Scott have all argued to the court that the justices should reject the language as misleading.

The proposed amendment would allow people to buy marijuana at state-regulated dispensaries if they obtain written permission from a doctor who attests that they need it for medical reasons. The amendment prohibits people from growing their own marijuana and allows the Legislature to shape the details of the enforcement provisions.

Recent polls have shown that voters throughout the state, from both parties and amid all demographic groups, strongly support the sale of marijuana for medical use, even though federal law prohibits it.  Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia and is legal for recreational use in two states, Colorado and Washington.

The shift in attitude is changing attitudes in the Florida Legislature as well. Legislators in the House are advancing a bill to allow for the decriminalization of a strain of marijuana that is low in the psychoactive properties, THC, and high in properties that help to control seizures. One strain, known as Charlotte's Web, is considered medically promising for children who suffer from severe seizures.

Polara credited "literally thousands of volunteers" who contributed their time "collecting petitions in the rain and heat, on their weekends and holidays,'' he said.



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Can't take anymore

Should this amendment get on the ballot and pass by the required 60% majority vote you can be sure that Scott, Bondi, Gaetz and Weatherford will be certain that legislation will not be forthcoming to implement it. They believe themselves anointed to determine the laws of this state and will no nothing to bring about any changes they do not like. This fight has just begun.


There is obviously a lot of fraud involved with these signatures and so nonsense should not be put on the ballot because the last thing people want is a bunch of druggies running around their state and the only people who support this are a bunch of drug addicts.

Tally Folly

Great Job!
It is clear this is the only way to get anything done that the people support in the State of Florida since Tallahassee is clearly run by special interests and not the will of the people.

Julia Dawson

So true - just like everyone who voted for Obama is a Socialist, and those who want abortion to stay safe, legal and accessible hate children, and those who think the Cuban embargo is ineffective are Communists, and those who support equality for gays and lesbians just want to destroy the American family. See? It really is very simple. Thanks for pointing that out.


Done the democratic way!

ed jenkins

As we have seen fraudulent signatures collected from drug abusers and forged names are not an indication that the citizens want dangerous illegal drugs in their society. The citizens are horrified that drug dealers are being even more aggressive in their efforts to target our innocent children with these illegal drug measures and request that our law enforcement bring drug charges on any legitimate signature found on these lists and the collectors of signatures as well as those drug dealers providing funds for these efforts.


ed Jenkins, you are sounding very paranoid. go see your therapist. maybe he can prescribe something.

Justin Hale

Congratulations to all who worked on the petition drive,best wishes for victory .

Justin Hale

" the last thing people want is a bunch of druggies running around their state and the only people who support this are a bunch of drug addicts."
Keep telling yourself that loser.

Ed Jenkins,go sell crazy somewhere else.


This is a new one, a stoner calling someone else a loser. Why don't you get out of your hallucination and get back into the real world where scum like you are the dregs of society, looked down on by all self respecting people.


Over 80 percent of Floridians approve of the measure. That makes you part of the dregs D.

Cindy Maguire

YES!!! And what scares "D" and Ed Jenkins the most is that voter turnout in FL will break the record turnout of 2012. It is the reason, why Bondi, Weatherford,Gaetz... and especially Rick Scott are fighting so hard. High numbers of voter turnout = Democratic votes! The purge is on. The status 2 Million FL voters are currently classified as "inactive". Most of those are college students. PLEASE check the status of your registration (do this once a month) until election day. It's easy: http://registration.elections.myflorida.com/CheckVoterStatus


I hope you are right Cindy. Thanks for the handy web site.


Hey stoner,
Why don't you put down the drugs and join the real world where we all know that voter turnout is never higher in non-presidential years and the last people that are going to turn out to vote are students and the drug addicts that you need.

As for the other stoner, no matter how many bogus polls you quote it doesn't change the reality that the majority who are upstanding citizens don't want a society of braindead stoners wandering around and have put in place these policies and they won't take them down.


National Cancer Instute Study's show that Cannabis and Cannabinoids inhibit the growth of many types of Tumors and is the best hope for finding a cure for Cancer!


This is just one reason that "76% of Doctors Overwhelming Approve use of Medical Marijuana"


ed jenkins

As we have seen angry citizens have commented that they do not want drug abusers to be wandering their society encouraging the young and naïve to join them in abusing drugs. There have been some responses from the drug abusers but comments by those hallucinating cannot be taken seriously. In addition some new to the internet believe upstanding citizens will be fooled by false studies when those knowledgeable know that studies can be found on the internet to back up any claim. To sum up the citizens have put in place these policies to prevent dangerous addictive illegal drugs from harming their society and they will not be changed even if a majority of commenters on an internet site have a different opinion.


If enough petitions are validated to get it on the ballot and the Florida Supreme Court approves the ballot language, it will go on the ballot and the people will decide for themselves. If 60% or greater approve, it will become law.

Justin Hale

D,got a few Anger issues ? Tell us D,how many dangerous prescription drugs are in your medicine cabinet Druggie.

Justin Hale

D & Ed, I can't decide if you two are Funny or Pathetic,maybe you're Patheticly Funny.

Mary Newsome

The comments by D and Ed come from that old and out of touch Teabagger mentality that is fast dying out. They can accept oxycontin and booze because that is what they do. They refuse to see that this is MEDICAL marijuana specifically targeted to terminally Ill and people suffering from painful illness/diseases. I for one am tired of corrupt politicians and the dementia crowd and hope they die off soon. That is what is killing America.

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