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Crist book tour rolls through Fla


Today's the fifth anniversary of the notorious Charlie Crist-Barack Obaman man hug, which took place in Fort Myers as the president was pitching the economic stimulus plan and Gov. Crist was cheering him on and helping seal his fate as Tea Party road kill in 2010.

So naturally, Fort Myers is where Crist kicks off the Florida leg of his book tour today with a 7 p.m. appearance at Books-A-Million.

Meanwhile Florida GOP Chairman Lenny Curry gets an op-ed column published in the News-Press (When did Florida newspapers start publishing predictable partisan attack columns by party chairs? Seems like that started with Rick Scott. Am I wrong?):

..."Floridians are smarter than Charlie Crist and his buddy President Obama give them credit for. When Crist hugged the president in Fort Myers five years ago, they could see what was coming. Even as President Obama continues the PR campaign to sell Obamacare, they know a bad law when they see it. And as Charlie Crist rewrites history in his new book, spins the truth about his failures as governor, and proudly stands by the president's devastating, job-killing health care law, Floridians know a political chameleon when they see one."

Here's the full Crist book tour schedule:

1. Monday, February 10

7:00 PM

Books-A-Million Ft. Myers

9360 Dynasty Drive

Ft. Myers, FL 33905

2. Tuesday, February 11

7:00 PM

Barnes and Noble Orlando

2418 E. Colonial Drive

Orlando, FL 32803

3. Wednesday, February 12

7:00 PM

Books-A-Million #488

9400 Atlantic Boulevard

Jacksonville, FL 32225

4. Thursday, February 13

7:00 PM

Books-A-Million #872

3521 Thomasville Road

Tallahassee, FL 32308

5. Sunday, February 16

3:00 PM

Hooked on Books

81.9 Overseas Highway

Islamorada, FL 33036

6. Tuesday, February 18

7:00 PM

Books and Books

927 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

7. Wednesday, February 19

2:00 PM

Classic Bookshop

310 S. County Road

Palm Beach, FL 33480

8. Thursday, February 20

7:00 PM

Barnes and Noble Ft. Lauderdale

2051 N. Federal Highway

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305

9. Saturday, February 22

12:00 PM

Haslam’s Book Store

2025 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, FL 33713


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Give em hell Charlie!


Look you moron Herald writer your whole paper is a published partisan attack on Rick Scott and has been ever since he came into office. I'd like to report your worthless rag to the election commission because you jerks have essentially given crist and the democrats contributions by your daily bullsh*t articles you hypocrite.


Great. We get to re-live the moment when Charlie lost his partisan virginity.

Can we just acknowledge that Charlie's never met a celebrity he wouldn't enthusiastically grope?

Seth Platt

It says a lot about Republicans that hugs are so reviled.
More Love Less Hate.

Bill Thompson

It's very evident that the RPOF and its minions are very scared of Charlie Crist. The primary is still 7 months away and they are already running negative ads. They have suspended their hard-right ideological agenda temporarily and doing election year gimmicks and schemes to try and win over the independent voters.


Shut the hell up Thompson you prick. Your just a loser that is jealous that other people work harder and have more success than your pathetic loser self just like the rest of the democrat bottom dwellers. Now you have hitched your wagon to the piece of crap crist hoping he will make the hard workers suffer like you, well it won't happen so go crawl back under your rock loser.

Undecided voter

Looks as if D is becoming more unhinged each day.

But we do love him!

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