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America Rising: Hillary Clinton "stiffs" Alex Sink during Florida tour

Email from America Rising, the conservative political committee:

"Today Hillary Clinton is making two stops in Florida, speaking to college students and at a health care conference.

"Hillary campaigned several times last year for long-time crony Terry McAuliffe including headlining “women for Terry” events and once for her former campaign manager Bill de Blasio in New York. Yet for the 2nd time since she left the State Department Clinton has stiffed a female Democratic contender who could use the help. Last year it was Chris Christie opponent Barbara Buono, today its the Democrat candidate for the Florida 13 House Special Election, Alex Sink.

"Maybe Sink just hasn’t raised enough money or done enough favors for Hillary like McAuliffe and De Blasio have? Maybe Hillary’s team was made skittish by Sink’s offensive remarks about immigrants or the fact that she thought people working fewer hours because of Obamacare was an “exciting prospect.”

"Regardless of the reason, its clear that Hillary’s priority on her swing through Florida is to line her pockets with paid speech cash rather than help an Emily’s List endorsed Democrat two weeks out from a special election."

(Blog note: The "offensive remarks about immigration" aren't so offensive.)


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Silly season on display


Emily's list is a joke. They snubbed Nan Rich. HRC knows

Elephants have long momories

It was the unconscionable delay in endorsement for HRC in presidential primary.

A Facebook User

You don't think Sink's comments are offensive? She said we need immigrants to be maids and gardeners. That's not offensive? What in the sam hill would be offensive to you?

Sink's comments are also stupid.

I'm NPA, don't much like either candidate, so don't label me far right, tea party, etc. etc. etc.


Sink was an idiot when she ran for governor, she was incompetent as state treasurer (where are all those missing pension funds, lady?) and she is clueless now. Her Siamese-twin grandfather had it all over her.

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