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Ashton Kutcher slams Miami for keeping out Uber


Actor Ashton Kutcher slammed Miami on national television this week  for snubbing the Uber car service.
Kutcher, an Uber investor, told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday that the fast-growing company has been shut out of some cities, thanks to "bizarre, old antiquated" legislation. He compared the restrictions to tactics used by the "mafioso." Then he added: "In Miami, it doesn't exist because of some dumb regulation that says it can't." 
Kutcher's comments, as noted by  the305.com and Curbed Miami blogs, followed Miami-Dade commissioners shelving a rewrite of the limousine ordinance that would have allowed Uber to operate in the county. Uber matches passengers with private-car drivers using cellphone apps, and operates outside of the regulatory process that limits the number of taxis and limousine providers in Miami-Dade.


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Tell the whole story

Here is some REAL political news the libs at the Herald will try to avoid publishing:



Tell the whole story - They published it yesterday; "Ponzi schemer Rothstein's 'quid pro quo' claims put Charlie Crist in pr hurt locker"

Ed Jenkins

The citizens appreciate the wise Miami leaders decision to keep out this Uber fellow and his horrible, sleazy, drug-induced music. He and his music do not belong in our family friendly state. The people have repeatedly stated that they do not want this terrible music introduced into their society where it might be listened to by our innocent children.

Free Ride

Transportation is expensive enough in Miami. We don't need a bidding war with unlicensed drivers jacking up the rates.


This basically illustrates the typical intelligence level of Uber's supporters.


Uber didn't get what they wanted because they totally screwed their strategy and attitude in dealing with county commission and stakeholders.

Uber has nobody to blame except themselves

Bill Thompson

you mean that Uber didn't make the under the table payoffs to the commissioners fav. lobbyists?


Basically ASHTON KUTCHER cannot even tell why Uber is not allowed in Miami but he goes onto ramble about some old antiquated laws and accuses people of kickbacks.
Ashton u dont even have facts right but u want the law in favor of ur investment when it it famous for disrupting rules and regulations.
You don't care- u just want ur investment to succeed despite having regard for rules and regulations.
Sorry Ashton, you maybe a hero in your own home- but u and Uber are not above the law.
Before u open ur mouth- maybe u should gather facts.

Filiz Kay

Ashton, regulations are actually NOT a priority in Miami, for example, I have been complaining for weeks about the loud music that lasts till 5 am weekends, but no one cares...I guess they pay off some people to keep the officials away and not pay any attention to the surrounding residents that cannot sleep..


When Police enforcement has to keep public safe with priorities and drunk drivers
They are not worried about loud music here.
Accusing anyone of paying here seems a dumb statement
Uber wants to skirt and bypass regulations
And ASHTON is protecting his investment- and now they are not winning it
They decide to put unnecessary heat on officials to get their way.
Hey in Detroit, UBER is providing clearly taxi services using unlicensed unregistered uninsured for hire vehicles-
So who seems the shady one here?


Disgusting that Miami still operates like a 3rd world country. Commissioners Moss and Barreiro are corrupt, awful individuals who should be defeated next election. I'll be working hard to make sure they do.

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