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Backtracking, Scott now says he's veto anti-gay law

Hours after he repeatedly dodged the question on national TV of whether he supports or opposes an Arizona-style anti-gay law, Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday he would veto it. His new statement came after he was denounced on social media outlets and his likely Democratic opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist, blasted him for not immediately opposing any form of discrimination.

At issue is a bill that the Arizona Legislature has passed that would allow business owners to refuse to serve gay customers based on religious beliefs. On MSNBC's The Daily Rundown Wednesday, Scott was asked about the issue three times and dodged the question each time. In Scott's new statement, he made reference to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican who must decide by Friday whether to sign or veto the bill.

“I don’t want to tell Gov. Brewer what to do, she can do what’s best for her state," Scott said. "From my understanding of that bill, I would veto it in Florida because it seems unnecessary. In Florida, we are focused on economic growth, and not on things that divide us. We are for freedom here in Florida.  And we want everyone to come here, create jobs, and live in freedom, and that includes religious liberty. I am very much opposed to forcing anyone to violate their conscience or their religious beliefs, and of course, I’m very much opposed to discrimination. As a society, we need to spend more time learning to love and tolerate each other, and less time trying to win arguments in courts of law. Other states can spend their time fighting over issues like this, but in Florida we are laser focused on creating jobs and opportunities. It’s working, and we need to keep it going and will not get distracted by this or anything else.”

Scott trails Crist in public opinion polls in the 2014 governor's race, which will be decided in part by independent voters who often have more moderate positions on social issues. Scott's statement suggests that his advisors saw the potential for substantial political damage if he refused to address the issue immediately.

For his part, Crist rushed out a response to Scott's statement: "Being against discrimination is not the kind of issue that requires much thought, but I am glad that after the justifiable outrage to Gov. Scott's response to the issue, that he came around to the right position," Crist said.


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Oh good Lord, twenty minutes ago I posted a similar comment on the previous thread about this topic - that R. Scott had not taken a position re: AZ anti-gay law and by extension how damaging it looked to his campaign.

Now he's all "I'd totally veto that"? Really Rick? Why didn't you say that then, if that's what you believed? ("Then" being, like, 48 hours ago).

What's next? Rick Scott OK with medical marijuana?


Nice move from his campaign manager. Not have him prepped for national TV and then make him look like an idiot after by issuing this statement. Sick of her already.

Bill Thompson

Rick Scott coming out in support of gay rights. The GOP controlled Florida legislature moving forward legislation giving in-state tuition breaks to illegal aliens, another bill legalizing medical marijuana and a third bill expanding casino gambling. Must be an election year and the GOP is desperate to hold onto power.

Bill Thompson

And don't forget Scott is supporting funding for mass transit railroads in Orlando.


This is Rick Scott at his finest. He has done the best job he could of selling our great state to the highest bidders. He started with the insurance industry, giving the auto insurance companies the outright ability to provide us with 75% less medical coverage then we are forced by state law to pay for.

Voters, please review Scott's history. When Rick Scott ran for governor, he was a multimillionaire former CEO of a hospital corporation that committed the largest Medicare fraud in history. His company was fined $1.7 billion for the crimes. The corp board of directors took a vote of no confidence, but granted him a golden parachute worth $500,000,000. His deposition is posted on youtube. Please watch it. I was stunned at how stupid he made himself come across. He took the 5th over 70 times.

When he decided to run for governor and could spend $70 million to buy the election with advertising, a popular comedian said it was an IQ test for Florida. We failed.

Scott has been on a crusade to turn our hospitals insurance companies, and prison system into gold mines for the kinds of businesses he operates. He has given the auto insurance industry a blank check to seal from us. He has turned his back on us, giving our $51 billion in Medicaid funds to other states and withholding needed healthcare from our people out of work. He wrecked the rail jobs opportunity, wrecked education with firings and program cuts that will take generations to recover from. He continues to try to “purge” people who have the perfect right to vote.

Ask him what happened to the 700,000 new jobs he campaigned to create? Despite his rhetoric, Florida has had a net loss of jobs since he took office. Scott needs to be sent packing, as do his lap dogs; Atwater, Bondi, Negron, Simms, and Weatherford. They simply rubber stamp his bad legislation.

This will be another IQ test for Florida. I hope we can say “Fool us once, shame on you, but you can’t fool us twice.”

It doesn't matter who runs against him. Say what you want about Crist changing parties. Crist never set out on a mission to destroy our state, at the expense of us, the voting citizens. Crist at least looked out for the "everyday man and women", us the ham and eggers, 9 to 5'ers.

Please , just vote Scott out. Enough is enough!

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