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BBQ and 'beautiful horses' -- Rick Scott's finance team to meet at Mike Fernandez's plantation


Days before the lawmaking session, million-dollar Rick Scott donor and campaign chairman Mike Fernandez is holding a "Finance Team Gathering," according to this invite-only email:

"As an important member of the Governor Rick Scott's Finance team, Mike Fernandez is opening his home to you. He is not a public person and believes we need to meet each other in person and in a social setting. Mike would like to try to make this event, if at all possible, nothing formal (casual jeans and casual setting). We will chat, have BBQ and see beautiful horses. His property is just 20 minutes from the Tallahassee airport. The date is March 2nd at 2 pm. Bring your kids and please join our family. We need to come together so we can deliver victory together! 

"An invitation has been attached for your convenience below."



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Highly paid Republican operative

Watch your step near the horses!

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

only a republican would host a meeting at a plantation. these guys are nuts.

Highly paid Republican operative

Daggumit. I thought pepople would miss that.


The Democratic Party elite were mostly plantation owners who gained their needed votes mostly from family farmers, especially slave-state farmers.

Paul Harvey

The operative word is "were". Now the descendants of those plantation farmers are mostly in the GOP.

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