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Charlie Crist's charm offensive v. Rick Scott's mega-millions


The Charlie Crist charm offensive vexes Gov. Rick Scott.

Month after month, poll after poll has shown Florida voters generally favor Crist and don’t really like Scott. The governor currently trails the Democrat by about 5 or so percentage points.

To change that, Scott wants to spend upward of $100 million, much of it on an ad campaign to persuade voters that they’re wrong on two counts: about him and about his rival.

That’s a tough sell.

Right now, to the degree Crist and Scott resemble ad products, the former governor is a more-trusted political brand than the current one. Though financially outgunned, Crist does a better job promoting himself, seeking out the news. Scott runs the other way.

Just look at Crist’s schedule the past three weeks as he promoted his new book, The Party’s Over: Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, FOX’s O’Reilly Factor and HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher.

On Tuesday, it was real time with Esteban Wood.

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Scott currently trails Crist by about 5 or so percentage points?? Should be many more!

dry heaving toward November

Have you noticed that neither candidate really has a platform? It's just sort of 'vote for me and I'll set you free.'

Look at Chiles, look at Bush. They at least seemed to get it.

Crist is a narcissistic idiot. Scott is clueless three years into the job. In a state of almost 20 million people this is the best we can do?

Highly paid Republican operative

Don't worry folks our $$$ will steamroll right over the Democrats and Charlie Crist.

Our guy may be clueless but he have all the money he needs.

Ed Jenkins

After several days spent with the people of florida this democrat primary voter can once again confirm that the people of florida and particularly democrat primary voters are disgusted with this horrible candidate that democrat party leaders have attempted to force on the voters. They had considered the nancy lady who at least can be said to be a loyal and reliable democrat though their support had wavered following her highly offensive comments toward family friendly Floridians though that support was formed up after the able lieutenant McKay assured that the nancy lady was simply having a bad day. During recent golf outings with leaders of the business community of this state it has been confirmed however that while the people of florida initially doubted the political novice scott, he has won them over with his exemplary fiscal stewardship and they give him their full support as demonstrated by the tremendous fundraising success of the scott candidate.

Highly paid Republican operative

Keep it up Ed.

The people need to know that the special interests will prevail with the scott candidate and that female candidates are entitled to bad days once a month.

Bill Thompson

After 3 years of this Scott fellow, the voters of Florida know what he is. All he can do to win is spend his $100 million collected from out of state fat cat carpetbaggers, tear down the opposition and use his power as governor to tamp down democrat voter turnout. He's been flip flopping all over the place on issues in a desperate attempt to hold on to power. If he wins, he will revert back to the 2011 version in his second term.


'Charm' is not requirement for governors, but a certain degree of personability is.

I'm no fan of Marco Rubio, but he has more personability than Rick Scott has.

So, why didn't MR run for governor in 2010? Faced with this choice, how would Florida Republican primary voters have voted? Rick Scott, Marco Rubio or Bill McCollum?

Seriously, if he had run, why would Marco Rubio not now be our governor instead of Rick Scott?


And then there is the TRUE Democratic candidate, the candidate who is about ACTUAL POLICY, Nan Rich. Why do you insist on leaving her out of the conversation? She is a lifetime Democrat with a strong and solid record of voting, speaking, and acting on our Democratic principles and policy.

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