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Charlie Crist plays the Obama race card, but says he's not, on Colbert

via @learyreports

Charlie Crist said on the Colbert Report Tuesday night that some Republicans oppose President Barack Obama not just because he's a Democrat, but because he is African American.

The assertion came as Stephen Colbert was asking Crist about his infamous hug with Obama in Fort Myers in 2009. "Why do you think it ended it for you?" Colbert asked the former Republican governor.

"Several reasons, I think," Crist replied. "No. 1, he was there to talk about the Recovery Act, the stimulus, as people call it. And a lot Republicans took issue with that. Sadly I think another part of it was that he was a Democrat, but not just a Democrat, an African-American."

Replied Colbert: "Oh, you're not going to play the race card,."

"I'm not going to play it, no," said Crist, now a Democrat.

Colbert: "You just did... Would you like to pick it up again and put it in your pocket? Because you just played the race card."

Crist: "I'm just trying to tell the truth. I have seen a level of vitriol directed at this president that I have never seen directed at President Kennedy or maybe President Johnson or even President Carter."

We'll post the video when it's available.

It wasn't all serious. Colbert was his usual self, asking why Crist would want a return ticket to Tallahassee. "It's a tough state to govern. It's a tough state to, uh, live in. I mean it's warm and everything, but it is a crazy state."

Colbet also asked Crist if he was scared of Gov. Rick Scott. "No, sir, I'm not."

"You're not afraid he's going to unhinge his jaw and try to swallow you ... You're running against a native Florida swamp creature,  that doesn't scare you?"


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Ed Jenkins

As we have seen the democrat primary voters have predicted another campaign meltdown by the scumbag crist and demanded that their party find a candidate that can actually win a general election but they have been ignored and now the meltdown has begun with this horrible week. We have seen this buffoon side with communist dictators, insult the state's most popular former governor, offend citizens of this family friendly state and now turn to race baiting and it is a symptom of how far into the meltdown that he is that he appears on a clown show. The democrat primary voters demand that a candidate in the mold of the great Bob Graham or Lawton Chiles replace this horrible person that the party leaders have stuck their primary voters with or they will sit out the election. At this point the nancy lady who was the endorsed by the able lieutenant to the great Mr. Chiles, part of the last winning ticket appears to be the favorite of democrat primary voters with this endorsement signaling that the nancy lady was just having a bad day when she offended the voters of Florida with her anti-family remarks several weeks ago.


Charlie, we have a President, who unilateraly is changing laws without congressional approval. That is where the hate is coming from.

What do you think the Democrats would do if a Republican were elected President in 2016 and started rolling back the ACA piecemeal by executive order? First by exempting medium size businesses 50 to 100 employees. Then by large employers over 101 employees, and finally exempting individuals.

The Republicans - the party you say has become so radical - have done nothing to stop this attack on our Constitution.

Tally Folly

@hmmm Obama has envoked fewer Executive actions than any President in recent history and it certainly has not been a GOP talking point until recently.

@Ed you are the real 'scum' as you continually post nonsensical vitriol on this blog while pretending to be a Democrat while spewing right wing talking points. Get a life.

Wendy Goddard

Does anybody really believe anything that Charlie Crist says? He became a Democrat and flip-flopped his entire ideology in a failed effort to gain lost political traction. Look at the interview posted on YouTube where reporters are asking him about having sold judgeships to Scott Rothstein. Rothstein gave hundreds of thousands of stolen money to Charlie Crist and Crist should be behind bars with Rothstein.

Ed Jenkins

The wise wendy has mentioned one other important element of this past week's campaign meltdown that have us democrat primary exasperated which is the impending criminal investigations and indictment in the quid pro quo scandal for judgeships facing this scumbag crist. Even if the party officials get their wish and this horrible person squeezes through a primary it is only a matter of time until he will have to be replaced once indicted or further details come out and that would leave the replacement candidate in a position where the race is unwinnable.


I know Rick Scott and he is no Swamp Creature!


On behalf of the Swamp Creatures of Florida (SCOF) and our affiliated group, the Everglades Swamp Snakes of Florida (ESSF), we are proud to endorse our favorite son, Rick Scott, for Governor. He is one of us and understands our issues and beliefs.

Bill Thompson

Number of executive orders signed by each president, just to put some perspective on the issue:

Herbert Hoover 968
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3,522
Harry S. Truman 907
Dwight D. Eisenhower 484
John F. Kennedy 214
Lyndon B. Johnson 325
Richard Nixon 346
Gerald R. Ford 169
Jimmy Carter 320
Ronald Reagan 381
George Bush 166
William J. Clinton 364
George W. Bush 291
Barack Obama 168


Shut the hell up you loser Thompson. You are such a pathetic failure that you support the party of losers parroting everything they say you communist because you are jealous that other people that work harder than you lazy ass actually are successful.

D fan

Yes D is back.

Five You's in one sentence. Keep up the good work.

Bill Thompson

Losers are people that post under an intitial instead of under their real name. Losers are people that tell other people to shut up and try to shout everyone else down. Losers are people that post mindless comments that have nothing to do with the article that's being reported.


Scott not endorsing Medical Marijuana for the sick and needy. Why? Because he's seen 1st hand what marijuana does. Really? It's only been the last few years where 20 other States passed legal marijuana laws. These laws are working for the people and working for there state by providing needed jobs and tax revenues. Major thumbs down for Scott.
3 republican state Senators want watered down CBR Charlotte's Web medical marijuana laws passed this spring. This would crush the voters right from going on the ballot, The people worked so hard to obtain. CBR is a new strain of marijuana that has not been tested for long term side effects. This is what the law makers want. Medical marijuana with THC, medical marijuana that has been tested in 20 other states and some 100 million U.S. citizens that are still alive that smoke or eat THC marijuana. Down with the republican party this election and hopefully we can get an Independent to run and win the State of Florida this November election. This November stand firm on your beliefs and vote to legalize THC medical marijuana for the needy. Never know when you might get sick and wish medical marijuana was there for you when you need it most.

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