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Charlie Crist response ad: "it was guys like Rick Scott that crashed our economy"


Counterpunching Republican attacks, Democrat Charlie Crist is airing a new web ad that says "it was guys like Rick Scott that crashed our economy."

The 30-second spot, narrated by Crist as he looks into the camera, is a response to last week's Republican Party of Florida web ad that says Crist "ran away" and did too little as the economy crashed while he was governor from 2007-2011.

"Which governor took Florida to the bottom?" an announcer asks. "Charlie Crist. What's worse, he didn't stay to fix the mess. He ran away, tried to go to Washington instead. Charlie Crist: slick politician, lousy governor."

In denying blame and counter-accusing, Crist is using the issue to point out that Scott was a mergers-and-acquisitions guru in the 1990s and founded the country's largest hospital chain, Columbia/HCA, which was fined a record $1.7 billion for healthcare fraud that largely occurred on Scott's watch.

Scott was haunted by the fine when, as a political newcomer, he ran for office in 2010. But Scott prevailed in the Republican primary and the general election, in part because he said he "took responsibility." Scott, who was forced to resign from Columbia/HCA in 1997, never admitted guilt and was never charged or interviewed by the FBI in the fraud case.

For months, Scott and the state GOP have tried to hang the economic meltdown on Crist's neck. In September, Scott said "we never should have had that downturn" and suggested Crist was the cause. But he wouldn't elaborate.

The criticism of Crist hasn't appeared to have much success.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released last week indicated Crist was beating Scott by 8 percentage points and that by 47-42 percent Florida voters believed Crist would do a better job handling the economy than Scott.

Here's the text of Crist's ad:

Rick Scott is blaming me for the financial crisis? That’s ridiculous.

Here’s the truth: The recession wasn’t caused by me, or by you. You know who caused it? Greedy Wall Street bankers and corporate takeover artists.

In other words: Guys like Rick Scott. His company committed outright fraud. So when you see his ads, remember it was guys like Rick Scott that crashed our economy.

I’m Charlie Crist. I work for you, the people. Always have. And always will


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"For months, Scott and the state GOP have tried to hang the economic meltdown on Crist's neck"

Marc - if that is what you got out of the RPOF spot...

More like, when the running got tough, Charlie got running - but then again, Charlie has never run for re-election.

Ed Jenkins

The people have spoken and they do not like ham sandwiches.
Charlie Crist is a handsome man. He will make a good governor.

Ed Jenkins

As has been seen the people of Florida despise the scumbag crist for the horrible condition our state found itself in several years ago. Even worse he interfered with private markets from insurance to power leaving the taxpayers highly vulnerable to a major hurricane through their implicit backing of Citizens and the state highly susceptible to massive power price increases through his direction that utilities shift a large percent of their fuel to natural gas which has been known to be volatile and has seen its price increase nearly 50% from last year. The scumbag crist has clearly earned his title as Florida's most hated former governor and has become someone impossible for this democrat primary voter to consider, with still some home the democrat party of florida will find a nominee that will not have the eventual campaign meltdown that has resulted in massive losses in his last two eletions.


I'm surprised that few people point out how little Charlie cared for the boring business of actually governing. He didn't know policy, didn't know his own staff, and for his last two years as governor his chief of staff Shane Strum, who is a good guy, was effectively the governor.

Bill McCollum

Crist is right.

As a former Attorney General I should have prosecuted this guy Scott!


1. The polls show Crist leading Scott, including Scott's own polling data. Scott's negatives are higher than his positives. Scott is amassing huge amounts of campaign dollars from out of state carpetbaggers in order to run his massive negative ad campaign. This, plus attempts to keep voters from exercising their right to vote, are Scott's road map to re-election. The scumbag Scott cannot be successful running on his zenophobic, narrow-minded ideological record. After 3 years of Scott, people have seen enough.
2. Citizens Insurance premiums have grown dramatically in the last 3 years by cutting legitimate mitigation discounts, reducing coverage and raising rates. Citizens has given away reserves to undercapitalized startup insurance companies that are politically connected in a corporate welfare scheme.
3. Utilities in general have switched to natural gas because of it's a lower cost, cleaner burning, domestic fuel in plentiful supply. Utilities purchase their natural gas supplies in long term contracts to lock in lower prices and also hedge to protect against fluctuations in price. Short term fluctuations in price are due to severely cold weather that drives up the demand for natural gas.


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Dear Dumbo,

Once again you come on only to hurl epithets and try to bully and intimidate the other writers in a feeble attempt to shut them up. You never have an original thought germane to the topic of the article. For your sake, I hope that the medical marijuana amendment passes so that you can get a prescription that will kill the bug you have up your behind.


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