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Charlie Crist to sign books in Miami Beach; RPOF talks Rothstein-Ponzi case


CristFormer Gov. Charlie Crist is scheduled to sign copies of his new book, The Party's Over, 7 p.m. Tuesday at Books and Books in Miami Beach. 

And the Republican Party of Florida is waiting.

RPOF is welcoming Crist back to what the GOP is calling the "scene of the crime:" -- South Florida, where one-time Crist donor Scott Rothstein pulled off his mammoth Ponzi scheme. Crist, who once attended Rothstein's wedding at the Versace mansion on the beach, has taken to calling the convicted fraudster a liar now that Rothstein recently testified that Crist essentially sold judicial appointments

ImageNot a helpful story to break as Crist runs as a Democrat for his old job back. 

Yet so far, except for a bad day-and-a-half news cycle over Rothstein's claims, Crist has been on a public-relations roll. He and his book have been featured on influential shows like MSNBC's Morning Joe, Comedy Central's Colbert Report and HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. For the newly minted Democrat who's going to be badly outspent by Republican Rick Scott, the free media has been an equalizer.

Mathematically speaking, The Party's Over > Rothstein's claims. But the campaign is young. 


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Ed Jenkins

The democrat primary voters are disgusted that this crist clownshow has been allowed to continue as we now know about his impending indictment for the judicial quid pro quo scheme. It is a disgrace that the party leaders have not put a stop to this and found a real candidate as this scumbag crist is simply using this candidacy to make money off book sales probably for his legal defense since he knows he has no ability to win a race and really doesn't intend to put forth the effort to do so. This is a most horrific choice for the party to give to democrat primary voters but there is still time to reverse this disaster.

Highly paid Republican operative

Please Ed Jenkins stop posting you are making us look very bad to
the citizens of this state. Rick Scott says he will stop paying you because you are
out of control!

This Democrat Primary Voter

This Democrat Primary Voter is one of millions of Democrat Primary Voters that support Charlie Crist for governor. Apparently, many independent voters do too, because Charlie is leading the scumbag Scott in practically every poll. I have been speaking to many people across our family friendly state and am pleased to learn that there are many voters disgusted with the scumbag Scott and his horrific practices and regret voting for him three years ago. Many of those people plan to vote for Crist or simply not vote this time, rather than vote for the scumbag Scott. Most of them love that Pam lady the most popular politician in the state and hope that the scumbag Scott will step down and save the state from his horrific policies so that the Pam lady the most popular politician in the state can run for governor instead of the scumbag Scott.

Patent lawyer

Please cease and desist from using the term "scumbag" in any future posts.

That term is the sole proprietary right of my client Ed Jenkins.

The RPOF pays me handsomely to protect its posters.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Look you immature prick pablo, no one is falling for you posting under fake names like the two you used above and mocking other posters you piece of sh*t. Get back on your raft and head back to you friends Castro or Chavez because no one wants to hear your communist crap here you loser.

Patent lawyer-RPOF

D I love your insightful posts.

Perhaps we can do business.

Let me know.


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Sorry, Charlie. I will be supporting Nan Rich, a lifetime Democrat with a solid record of voting, speaking and acting on Democratic principles.

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