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Charlie Crist's Jeb Bush love-fest irks Bush World -- and Democrat Nan Rich


In listening to Democrat Charlie Crist's media blitz over the past week or so, it seems the former governor can't help but positively reference his predecessor, Republican Jeb Bush.

That's not just irking Bushies, who say Crist has "zero credibility." It bothers Democrats who support Crist's chief rival in the gubernatorial primary, former state Sen. Nan Rich.

So Rich is fundraising off of it in a pitch made by the last Democrat to hold the governorship, Buddy MacKay:

Did you hear or read what Charlie Crist recently said about Jeb Bush?  It’s hard to believe – but, sadly, it’s true.

When a radio host asked Charlie Crist if Jeb Bush would be a good president Crist said “Yeah, I think he probably would. He made a great governor…” (Click here to read the story.)

I can’t understand how Crist, or any real Democrat, could think that Bush’s policies -- policies that hurt our public schools, the environment, and especially the middle class – made him a “great” governor.

Frankly, it was frustrating for me to watch Jeb Bush undo so much of the good that Lawton Chiles and I worked to achieve as the last Democratic Governors of Florida.

I want a real Democrat in Tallahassee because I believe that staying true to Democratic principles is the right path for Florida. That is why I'm standing with Nan Rich, and I hope you will too.



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Not to mention Charlie using Jeb's quote out of context...

shag nasty

I gotta admit, I think it's stupid for Charlie to be mentioning Jeb at all. You're a Democrat now, Charlie, remember? You need to do a better job faking your political conversion. The Prius driving diversity cultists don't want to hear about your Jeb love.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen the scumbag crist is starting his campaign meltdown much earlier than this democrat primary voter expected and many other democrat primary voters thought they would avoid it entirely but now the party must listen to its voters and replace this buffoon before it is too late. Of course the nancy lady is a decent alternative now that she has the backing of the able lieutenant McKay who helped win the governorship last time for democrat party voters nearly 20 years ago and his belief that she was just having a bad day when she insult family friendly citizens of florida a few weeks ago. But after watching this buffoon crist announce his support for communist dictators, offend the citizens of this family friendly state, insult our most popular former governor and get exposed as part of a quid pro quo judicial appointment scandal that an indictment could come down for any day all democrat primary voters now agree that a replacement must be found before it is too late.

Jokers to the left clowns to the right

The way to win statewide is to be a centrist not too far left like this nancy lady or too far right like this Scott guy.

This is called moderate positioning for the general.

Can't take anymore

If it irritates JEB! and his gang and simply bothers the practically unknown Nan Rich it probably won't hurt Charlie in the general election. Buddy MacKay now carries as much political clout as Grover Cleveland so him being bothered is totally irrelevant.

Jokers to the left clowns to the right

Someone gets it!

Joe Kreps

Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are the same person.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Bill Clinton said the same thing about Republican presidents. Obama praised Reagan as a president.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Joe Kreps: Stay off the medical marijuana.

EJ's therapist

Mrs Ed can you you attend Ed's next session? He is getting worse.


Charlie Crist is a fake person. He is out for himself... he will not win the nomination because, just like when he ran against Marco Rubio, truths are slowly coming out. Marco Rubio was the underdog as well. Don't assume Floridians don't appreciate grassroots campaigning. Charlie has 0 credibility when it comes to that, or anything else! He's running for GOERNOR OF FLORIDA, yet he is on a book tour... is that not a red flag people?!? I for one, along with the REAL DEMOCRATS OF FLORIDA, will not be voting for Charlie Flip-Flopper Crist.

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