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Crist book tour hits capital, shadowed by the GOP

Charlie Crist's national book tour reached Tallahassee Thursday night. The former governor and Republican-turned-Democrat figured he would be signing copies of "The Party's Over" for about an hour. He ended up staying at a Books-A-Million store for nearly two-and-a-half hours before flying back to St. Petersburg.

And where Crist goes, the Republican Party of Florida goes. GOP Chairman Lenny Curry was there ("Charlie Crist is trying to tell a story that's just not true") along with more than a dozen young "protesters" who carried signs with slogans such as "Charlie ran away." Curry said Crist "has changed his mind on just about everything" and that on his watch, Florida's economy tanked and Crist did nothing to fix it.

In heavily-Democratic Tallahassee, more than 100 people waited in line to get signed copies of Crist's book, shake his hand and be photographed with him, and the store at one point ran out of books and had to fetch more from another outlet. Crist's former DCF secretary, congressional candidate George Sheldon, was there, as were Leon County Superintendent Jackie Pons, Rep. Alan Williams, lobbyists David Rancourt, Mark Logan and Rich Rasmussen, and former Crist aides JoAnn Carrin, Bob Sparks, Jerry Curington and Diana Sawaya-Crane, along with Estus Whitfield, a respected environmental advisor to former governors, and Jeff Wright of the Florida Education Association.

Crist told more than a dozen reporters he's "open-minded" to the idea of expanding destination casinos. He blasted Gov. Rick Scott for his proposed deep cuts to public education in his first year in office, followed by a Year Two cut of $300 million to universities. He said he opposes changes to the pension fund being pushed by Republican lawmakers, and that workers are "demoralized" and need to be protected.

Crist said Republican legislators and Scott should be ashamed of themselves for not expanding the Medicaid program.

"I can't believe that Rick Scott -- I can -- would come out and say he's for it for about a minute and not lift a finger to get it done," Crist said. "As a result of that sort of fraudulent exercise, what is happening is about a million of our fellow Floridians are not getting health care."

Crist adviser Steve Schale spotted a familiar sight: a GOP "tracker" videotaping the scene with a small hand-held unit. "They need to get their tracker a better camera," Schale said.

On Friday, the Crist campaign plans to launch a new web video from Crist's visit to UF Wednesday where he criticized the Scott administration for opposing the use of the UF student union for early voting. The video shows Crist and the Gainesville students chanting "Let the people vote."

Among those standing in line for a book was Collin Kenline, a 20-year-old from Fort Myers and a political science major at FSU who said he was eager to vote for Crist for governor next November. A Democrat whose parents are both Republicans, Kenline said: "I really love how he takes the approach that we really shouldn't be arguing with each other, and this gridlock that is happening is really detrimental to our nation. Just trying to work with everybody."



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Ed Jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one, have now overwhelmingly made their demands to their party leaders to replace this buffoon before it is too late, and these feelings among democrat primary voters have been cemented in this most disastrous week for the scumbag crist. We have seen this horrible person side with communist dictators, insult the people of florida with his anti-family stances which is not surprising from someone who abandoned his family, insult the state's most popular former governor and worst of all now face impending indictment for a quid pro quo judicial appointment scheme. The democrat primary voters plead with their party to replace this horrible person before it is too late as for now they support the nancy lady who greatly offended family friendly Floridians but we were assured by the able lieutenant Mckay who helped with the last democrat party victory nearly 20 years ago that the nancy lady was just having a bad day and she could be a good democrat.

Jokers to the left clowns to the right

The nancy lady raised about $15,000 in January

CC raised about about $1,000,000 in January

Rick Scott raised about $4,000,000 in January and Rick Scott will spend upwards of $100,000,000 to win.

What does that teach the Democrats?

Joe Kreps

Votes don't count. Cancel the election. The biggest sellout is the winner.


sounds like the GOP goons are crapping in their shorts at the thought of facing a very popular Charlie Crist in November!
All the Koch Brothers special interest money in the world isn't going to help LURCH Scott win re-election, even with all the brain dead Republicans, crazy Cubans and tea bag morons.
Charlie Crist will be the next Governor of Florida!

Ed Jenkins

We see that a commentor has noted the putrid fundraising totals by both the nancy lady and scumbag crist. This is because democrat primary voters are disgusted with choices given to them by their party and if there were a candidate of the quality of the great bob graham or Lawton chiles we would see more competitive fundraising amount for the democrat candidate. This democrat primary voter hopes that his party has taken notice and plans to add a new candidate.

Seth Platt

@ This phony GOP Troll posting as Ed Jenkins, your grasp of the English language is even more tenuous than your political acumen.
Please stop debasing the name of the Undefeated Season 1972 Miami Dolphins Player Ed Jenkins.
By using a local hometown African American hero's name to debase the Democratic Party for your political gain you do great harm to his memory and your own cause.
Have some guts and post with your real name.


Governor Crist has finally realized that Governor Bush had actually done a great Job governing the Sunshine State!

Bill Thompson

The RPOF is very, very frightened by the thought of facing Crist in November. They know they have a very unpopular governor, as they have seen in all their internal polling numbers. They have been raising massive amounts of campaign money from wealthy out-of- state carpetbaggers in order to fund their dirty tricks negative campaign against Crist. All they can do is go negative, pander to the Cubans and try to suppress the Democratic turnout and hope that it works.

Can't take anymore

It appears that the ever more insane Ed Jenkins Tea Party/Republican troll just might be getting closer to taking his assault rifle down to a local elementary school to prevent any more kids from growing up to vote for godless communists. He is a real case for gun control and tougher mental health screening of people who are obviously out of their minds. Ed stopped being funny or ironic a long time ago and is now clearly quite mentally disturbed.

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