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Emails show disCONNECT between top state officials and unemployed


By now, the failures of Florida's $63 million website, CONNECT, are well know. Thousands of workers had to wait weeks and months to get claims paid because of glitches. The agency in charge, the Department of Economic Opportunity has fined the contractor nearly $500,000 because of the defects. The feds had to intervene.

But in the days following the launch, top DEO officials insisted that CONNECT was a success, despite getting reports from around the state that unemployed workers couldn't log on the new site.

Emails obtained by the Times/Herald depict Gov. Rick Scott's economic development agency in denial.

Read story here.


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Click through and read it. This is the real Florida, the one Rick Scott and his henchman ignore, while touting his tax cuts for the rich. Poor people are invisible people in Scott's world. "A Bartow jobs center reported that wait times for an 800 number were over 20 minutes and had been as high as 45 minutes. Only one person all morning had been able to complete the filing process. Four out of more than 150 filed successfully in Pensacola. That afternoon, a DEO training coordinator in Tallahassee warned of growing tension."


I was able to log in, but told that I would have to wait FOUR months to collect my benefits. I think Gov Scott has issues with Americans. It sure does seem he would rather campaign for his benefit rather than work to make sure all Floridians go to work each day. I am an American, not some imported voter. As a registered Republican, I will not be voting for the governor in '14 because there is not a worthy candidate, but I sure will be voting against any current legislator/Senator, and will defiantly be voting to legalize marijuana for all. If we Americans are going to be trampled upon, let's make sure we turn the tables on those who have stolen our self esteem. Rise, Americans, rise to the occasion of destruction of the New World Order.


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The readers have repeatedly expressed their disgust with certain unwise commentators making unwise comments about articles on some website they have no interest in and the continued ignorance of these unwise commentators.

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