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Father of Jimmy Ryce awaits execution of son's murderer, with a broken heart



The years have not healed Don Ryce’s pain, only prolonged it.

It was 1995 when his son, a gap-toothed 9-year-old named Jimmy, was snatched from a Redland school bus stop, raped and killed.

As Ryce counts the last few days until Wednesday’s scheduled execution of his son’s murderer, his anger burns as hot as it did more than 18 years ago. And his sorrow has only been compounded by two more deaths he traces back to that first, monstrous act of a pedophile named Juan Carlos Chavez: the heart attack that killed his wife, Claudine, in 2009 — a “broken heart,” he says — and the suicide last year of his daughter, Jimmy’s half-sister, Martha.

“In both cases, Jimmy’s memory, I can tell you, was very much weighing on them at the time of their death,” Ryce said, talking about the tragedy during a 90-minute interview in his Vero Beach home. “So forgive me if I don’t shed many tears for Juan Carlos Chavez.” Story by Amy Driscoll here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/08/3922682_a-father-waits-for-justice-in.html#storylink=cpy


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Ed Jenkins

The people are disappointed that it has taken until now to execute this monster and demand no further delay and they would also like to see one of their favorite state icons "old sparky" brought out of retirement so that this horrible person can suffer a little more and citizens can again participate in the fun by turning off their appliances to send some more juice to old sparky.

Bill Thompson

Shame on you Ed Jenkins for making light of a horrible tragedy that this family has endured for so long.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen there are some unwise readers who believe enforcing death penalties on murderers would be making "light of tragedies". However the citizens believe it is not making light to use our favorite state icon to make those committing murder suffer like their victims.

Bill Thompson

It's very clear here from the endless barrage of "unwise" comments who the "unwise" reader is.


Shut up you loser Thomson, what kind of weak prick are you that you want some murderer set free.

Bill Thompson

Funny, here's a guy calling me a loser who is hiding behind an initial that's probably his grade point average and afraid to post under his real name. I think everyone can see who the real loser is here.

I knew the Rice family and they have gone through so much tragedy up until today. With continued delays in the execution of their child's murderer, it causes even more pain for them. For Jenkins to use it to make jokes about the electric chair is a disgrace.

For you to hide behind an initial and make stupid comments directed at other people is even more disgraceful. Get a life, loser.

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