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Flip-O-Meter examines Charlie Crist past stances on Cuba, etc.


PolitiFact Florida has been putting former Gov. Charlie Crist's changing stances on hot topics on our Flip-O-Meter. We're not making a value judgment on that flip -- we're merely tracking whether he did indeed flip and to what extent. 

From PolitiFact's principles: "Indeed, voters often like politicians who are flexible and have the ability to compromise or adapt their positions to the wishes of constituents. Still, accusations of shifting positions are so common in politics that it is valuable to have us provide an analysis of a shift and rate the amount of change."

We gave Crist a Half Flip for his stance on abortion and a Full Flop for his stance on the Cuba embargo. Last year we gave Crist a Full Flop for his stance on gay marriage.



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Ed Jenkins

The readers appreciate this effort to point out a politician that cannot be relied on to act in a manner they promised during a campaign and have policies in office similar to what their voters want and they may renew their subscriptions if efforts like this are continued. It is greatly disappointing to democrat primary voters that their party is trying to force a politician on us that we cannot rely on to enact policy that a democrat primary voter would want to see enacted as he has show many times to his previous voters. It is insulting to the democrat primary voters that their party is telling them that there is no one other than this scumbag crist who they can rely on when they know he has lost his recent campaigns as an independent and republican and now he can be trusted to win as a democrat after democrat primary voters never voted for him and most likely will not this time either.

I. P. Daley

Great job incorporating the "scumbag Crist" into your post. Now we can all sleep soundly.

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