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Florida Gov. Rick Scott to President Obama: Visit Venezuelans in Miami


Florida Gov. Rick Scott sent President Barack Obama a letter Friday again asking his administration to consider sanctions against the Venezuelan government.

Scott said he first brought the issue up Monday during a National Governors Association meeting in Washington D.C. In his letter, the governor added that Obama should visit Venezuelan families in Miami when he visits town March 7.

Later Friday, Scott has scheduled an event in Doral with Sen. Marco Rubio to express solidarity to Venezuelans.

"We must target regime officials with sanctions, such as freezing the bank accounts of Maduro and his gang and revoking the U.S. visas of anyone involved in attacking peaceful demonstrators. We must stand squarely for liberty and democracy and against the forces of oppression and tyranny," Scott wrote. "It is also my hope that you will use all diplomatic measures to denounce the unjust arrest and treatment of the peaceful pro-democracy leader Leopoldo López.

"Additionally, with your planned visit to Florida in March, I would like to encourage you to visit the community of Doral to hear the stories of freedom loving families who are concerned for the safety of their loved ones in Venezuela."

Read the full letter here.


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ed jenkins

The readers need no more stories on this foreign country which they have no interest in. It is most likely that upset people of Venezuela who have seen the destruction a communist dictator can do want nothing to do the this Obama who himself is a communist.


How transparently pandering can Scott be?

He asks the Pres to visit "freedom loving families" in Doral, suggesting if the Pres. doesn't, he doesn't care about 'freedom loving families'.

But Scott pretty much didn't give the community of Doral the time of day when running for governor in 2010. In fact, his South Florida presence was and has been pretty scant.

This is first time in 3 1/2 years I've seen the governor express any concern for his constituents with family/ties to other countries. Thus I am skeptical that his concern for the people of Venezuela and the Floridians who have ties to that country is genuine.

Bill Thompson

The citizens of our family friendly state are outraged at this horrible governor who doesn't understand that his office has no responsibility for foreign policy and that this is just a distraction from his failed ideological policies of the last 3 years. As other wise posters have commented, the governor has never expressed any concern in 3.5 years for people with ties to other countries. The citizens urge the governor to focus on helping the hard working citizens of florida that are paying sky high premiums for homeowners insurance and have had very little tax relief from his administration while he gives sweetheart state contracts to his big campaign contributors.

Maria A Rumbao

Is it only Venezuelan families the ones who lives at Doral Area ????? Nop I don't think so :-( we'll see how far this goes and how much actually and from the heart ...... they want to help us for real !

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