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Florida Health Choices state exchange readies for launch


Since 2008, Florida has been promising its residents a state-run health insurance exchange. Republican lawmakers continued to champion the much-delayed program even as they opposed Obamacare and refused to expand Medicaid to help the working poor.

Now, officials say they are at last ready to launch Florida Health Choices and hope to reach people who can't afford insurance on the federal exchange, or just don't like the president's plan.

But don't expect full-coverage insurance policies — think more along the lines of pharmacy discount cards and limited dental plans.

Leaders of the effort won't even say exactly when they're opening for business, other than to say they're "just days away.'' The web address is www.FloridaHealthChoices.net — but it isn't yet functioning.

Blame at least some of the vagueness on jitters over the prospect of yet another botched government website after the Obamacare and Florida unemployment site rollouts.

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Ed Jenkins

The taxpayers are greatly disturbed by this development as they have no interest in financing an insurance company and its potential operating losses. They request that politicians abandon this concept which is not a role of state government.


This is not a health insurance site that will help the working poor. It has and will make some money for the companies that built it, all big donors to the GOP, and for the scam insurance companies that advertise there. Pull back the curtain on this and you will find a scared fat man making big noises. The Wizard of Oz runs healthcare in Florida.

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