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FMA considers backing Medicaid expansion

From Health News Florida:

The Florida Medical Association, one of Tallahassee’s most influential lobby groups, sat out last year’s legislative nail-biter over Medicaid expansion, saving its firepower for pocketbook issues, such as making it harder for patients to sue and keeping non-physicians off their turf.

But now an FMA advisory committee that studied the issue is backing Medicaid expansion, which would bring in federal funds to cover the low-income uninsured, according to two doctors who have seen the documents. A resolution from that committee goes to the FMA Board of Governors later this week.

“I think the chances (of passage) are very good,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Aaron Elkin, author of the resolution and chairman of the Broward County Medical Association. “I don’t see any reason it would not be adopted.”

Elkin's resolution goes beyond a simple plea that Florida take the money, estimated at $51 billion over 10 years. It predicates the FMA support for the Medicaid expansion on a pocketbook issue: That the pay for doctors treating Medicaid patients be raised to equal that for Medicare, the federal program for seniors and the disabled.

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Can't take anymore

Who says Florida is a non-union state? The Florida Medical Association is the strongest and most politically powerful union to ever grab the Legislature by its collective throat. Concentrating only on what they think is good for physician's wallets they will oppose any progressive legislation until convinced it will bring in more money for them. Patient interests are typically ignored or considered last. Come to Tallahassee this session and watch them in action.

Ed Jenkins

I am sleepy

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