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Glossy Fortune magazine ad showcases Scott

Select readers of Fortune magazine will soon see something unusual wrapped around the cover of the next issue: the face of Gov. Rick Scott and the slogan: "Florida is working."

Enterprise Florida, through its Team Florida marketing campaign, bought the four-page advertisement. Known as a "cover wrap," it's part of a much larger advertising campaign to market Florida as a business destination. EFI spokeswoman Nancy Blum-Heintz said the cover wrap will be sent to 1,000 out-of-state corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies (none or very few of whom presumably are registered to vote in Florida).

Other Florida executives will be featured in future ads, in nine Fortune issues over six months. The full-color cover photo of Scott carries a disclaimer: "It does not constitute an endorsement by Fortune and no endorsement is implied."


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Ed Jenkins

The people of Florida are grateful for this scott who they were skeptical of at first as a political novice but has won them over with his exemplary fiscal stewardship and improving the environment for business in our state. It is quite an honor to have our governor in such a respected publication. While this democrat primary voter will support the nancy lady in the primary and now with the florida icon mackay's endorsement possibly in the general, scott will be a tough choice for this democrat primary voter to overlook.

Ed Jr.

But Daddy he paid for that so-called honor. How do I reconcile that fact?

Ed's Wife

Ed get off the computer and stop pretending to be a Democrat. We have cardboard signs to write, and street corners to stand on.

Ed Jr.

Mom is that you?

Please control Dad he is giving us Jenkins a bad name.

Jim Sorenson

This is a clear violation of election finance laws. They are using taxpayer funds to produce a campaign piece for Scott. Enterprise Florida is partially funded with taxpayer funds from the state of Florida. Rick Scott is the Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Florida and his appointee, the Florida Secretary of Commerce, is the CEO. Enterprise Florida should not be electioneering.

A more appropriate use would be to put the CEO of Hertz on it, with him explaining why the company is planning to relocate its headquarters to the Fort Myers area.


Actually- it's not. It was sent to out- of-state CEOs and the money raised for the ads were private dollars.


The fact that the reporter even tried to clarify no connection to Scott's reelection, yet there are comments here and in the Tampa Bay Times blog suggesting as much shows the ignorance of the bloggers.

Sorry Charlie

Dear Ed's Wife: you get off the computer and get back to the Gentlemans Club where you belong.

Dear Ed Jr: go back to your crack pipe, you make much more sense when you speak.

Dear All Jenkins: incest requires some degree of silence. You have all just opened yourself's to a new reality series.

Charlie Crist

Jim Sorenson


You and I must be reading different articles. The disclaimer was about Fortune magazine, not the election campaign. The bottom line is that Scott is the COB of EF, his Secretary of Commerce is the CEO of EF and the vast majority of EF funding comes from the state of Florida. This needs to be watched so that the funds are used for the purpose intended and not for election year campaigns. As I said, it would have been more productive to highlight those CEO's that have chosen to relocate their businesses to Florida and let them tell why. That's a much more effective way of marketing the state as a business destination.

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