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Scott hosts invite-only event at Biltmore with business elite on Wednesday

Gov. Rick Scott's public schedule was bereft of any activities on Tuesday and so, naturally reporters asked: Where is the governor?

"We don't know,'' was the answer repeatedly given by Scott spokesman Frank Collins and other members of his communications staff.

Now we have a clue. Was he campaigning? Fundraising? Prepping for his briefing of Miami execs on Wednesday?

His campaign on Tuesday sent out an exclusive invitation to Miami business elite to attend an invitation-only event at the Biltmore Hotel at 1 p.m. Wednesday as the governor "outlines his vision for our great state of Florida,'' it said. His trip coincides with the appearance Tuesday night of Democratic rival Charlie Crist, who held a book signing on Miami Beach.

"Governor Rick Scott will personally give a campaign briefing to a select group of Miami business leaders,'' wrote Ralph Garcia-Toledo, a Miami lobbyist, in an email to Republicans. "Lets make sure we have a strong showing for our Governor and our new home town Lt. Governor."

Garcia-Toledo added: "Due to vetting, your RSVP is required to attend..."  Download Scott Miami_Fly-In_2014(4)_


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Ed Jenkins

The readers have no need to know every detail about the governor or any other political leader's life and who he meets with at each hour of the day so they request that article writers not act like they have discovered some vital information when they become aware of his schedule.

With that said it is encouraging that he is meeting with the most important people in our economy to find out if he can serve them any better to make the great business environment in this state any better.

Prominent Miami business leader

I'm an important person but did not get an invite.

Oh well another night spent sitting home alone.

A little person

Did not get invited either.

Guess I'll head over to the Crist book signing.


"We don't know,'' was the answer repeatedly given by Scott spokesman Frank Collins and other members of his communications staff.

You cannot make this stuff up... what is so bad about saying he took a personal day to attend to some campaign issues - AND ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING?


Maybe he'll be explaining to the important business people why he wants to spend $215 million of taxpayer money ($92 of it only 'if he gets reelected" when he turned down $2 billion in federal funds two years ago for what looks like the exact same project.


Lucy Morgan

Florida has a public records law that requires the governor to release his daily schedule. Too bad his office does not comply with it

Business Elite

I am proud to meet with Governor Scott today along with other Miami business elites. We will all be bringing rather large checks to further our continued special relationship, along with a plan for the next four years. You little people need not be involved in what is discussed because we will decide what is best for you.

Tired of the Tallahassee Crooks

Sadly, this is not the first time that Scott has not complied with the public records law, or any law, for that matter. We are all familiar with his long history of "non-compliance" with the law as a chief executive.


ToftheTC, thank you for your posts.

It sure did seem wrong to me that the Governor's staff could be asked the question "Where is the Governor?" and it seemed to them OK to admit they didn't know. It what world is that OK?

And now the same thing is happening with the new Lt. Gov's schedule (it's not being publicly made known as it had been in the past).

Do you have any answer/theory about why we (the people of Florida) have not done anything about stopping this, or holding him accountable?

(I'm not being snarky or sarcastic, I am truly asking this question because I have no ideas - what can we the people do?)

Tired of the Tallahassee Crooks

I don't think there's one answer to your question. Just my opinion, based on anecdotal information. Florida is ruled by one political party, so there's no strong opposition to hold anybody accountable. Tallahassee is a long way away from the major population centers of the state. Out of sight, out of mind. People read newspapers less and less; they watch less news on TV. The media provides little coverage of what's going on in Tallahassee, especially electronic media. People are busy living their daily lives and trying to make a living.

People can be motivated to act. Just look at the Miami-Dade Mayor and Commissioner that were recalled. But it took the deep pockets of Braman to make it happen. It wouldn't have happened without him. People have to be outraged enough to do something about it,.


With Republican governors especially, it is good to know where they are. They could be in Argentina, or on the Appalachian Trail. One never knows...we just know it isn't ever a good thing.


Thanks for the reply ToftheTC.

I don't doubt part of the problem is that the people currently in power here in FL don't care when this kind of misbehavior benefits them.

But if they can zing their opponent with it, they will.

I just hope Floridians are not as stupid as Rick Scott seems to think we are - we know he vetoed over $2 million for a high speed rail in 2012, now he wants it?

He slashed teacher pay/education to help balance the budget, and when the housing market started to upturn, said, "oh, I'll restore those funds".

His unemployments benefits website was a disaster that kept Floridians from getting money they were owed and desperately needed (to give to their primarily Floridian debtors and recirculate into the Florida economy).

And don't even get me started about his excessively wasteful expenditure of taxpayer money for the unconstitutional drug testing plan (BTW: Under current FL law, if someone is suspected for some observed reason, they can be tested and perhaps even fired, let me reiterate, under current law. We do not need to change the law to spend more money to drug test mostly people who don't do drugs to find the two that do.).


Where does this guy get the one party idea. Both democrats and republicans as well as some independents run this state.

Tired of the Tallahassee Crooks

Well, for example, the republicans have held the governor's office for the last 14 years, the republicans hold all 4 state cabinet positions, the republicans have a majority in the Florida Senate and the majority in the Florida H.R. The republicans have controlled both chambers of the Florida Legislature since 1996. There are no elected Florida independents in the Florida Legislature or the U.S. Congress. The only statewide elected democrat is Bill Nelson. That's kind of where I get the one party idea.

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