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In wake of Blackfish, activists want Miami Seaquarium's orca returned to the wild


A wetsuit-clad trainer stands on a platform in the middle of a pool and announces to the audience of tourists and schoolchildren: “And now it’s time to meet the biggest star in Miami.”

Seconds later, the 20-foot, 7,000-pound killer whale named Lolita soars into the air and lands with a gigantic splash, spraying cold water over the sides and onto the squealing kids draped in plastic.

Lolita never fails to delight. For nearly 44 years, the wild-born orca has been the main draw for Miami Seaquarium, the marine park on Virginia Key where millions have come from around the world to see the majestic creature perform tricks for fish.

“To us, Lolita is part of our family,” longtime park curator Robert Rose said.

But activists who are headquartered thousands of miles across the country in Washington state say it is long overdue for the killer whale to be returned to her real family in the Pacific Ocean.

Most of the current activists have been part of previous efforts over the past two decades to “Liberate Lolita,” including one led by the governor of Washington. All have fizzled. Now, the activists are waging a seemingly last-ditch campaign, with legal battles on two fronts. Lolita already has overcome the odds, and has lived more than two decades longer than large marine mammals’ average survival in captivity. Story here. 



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Ed Jenkins

The citizens are disturbed that some individuals think it is appropriate to tell a private business what it should do with its property.


Ed, that's the same argument slave owners made in the 1800s.

A whale is a sentient being, it's not a used car.


Wouldn't the whale have a hard time surviving in the wild on its own at this point?


Yes, the whale would quickly die in the wild, but lets not let facts get in the way here.

steve s

Who cares about some stupid whale if these morons want the whale then make an offer to buy it or shut up, you can't force someone to give up something they own.


Who cares about some stupid Whale. They own it, they can cut it up and barbecue it for all I care. If these morons want a whale, they can buy their own and do what they want with it or make an offer for this one.


Hey Dummy, it's virtually impossible to buy a killer whale. You can't get a government permit to capture one any more and the companies that own the ones in captivity aren't selling.


Look its pablo the immature prick back in mommy's basement on the computer this weekend and now we are supposed to be he is an expert on buying and selling whales. Get back on your raft and go back where you came from you homo.


Dear Dumbo,

If you have any facts that contradict what I said, I will entertain them.


Unbelievable how some people talk about animals like they are nothing. Orca's should NOT be in captivity.
It's inhumane keeping such a large animal in a bloody bathtub.
They can be rehabilitated and for most of the captive killer whales, they actually know where their family pods are. Let them go home.


Hey Pablo,
No one cares about your supposed whale facts you think you picked on your illegal ride into this country so why don't you go visit some more of these whales you are an expert in and go back to your communist homeland.

As for the dumb broad, if you don't like the whale tank then make them an offer to buy it otherwise shut up because it belongs to the seaquarium, not you.


Dear Dumbo,

As I thought, you have no knowledge of anything. You just like to spout off like a little teapot. All you want to do is bully and intimidate other writers with your nonsensical bs.


Pablo the rafter no one is buying the cut and paste jobs you put up from communist and tree hugger websites so let mommy get back on the computer because you have school tomorrow, fidel and hugo would be upset if you were absent.


Dear Dumbo,

Once again you come on without an original thought germane to the topic of the article. All you can do is pathetically hurl epithets and try to bully and intimidate the other writer in a feeble attempt to silence him. For your sake, I hope that the medical marijuana amendment passes so that you can get a prescription that will kill that bug you have up your behind.


Shut up raft boy, no one wants to hear you come hear and complain so why don't you run back into mommy's room and she'll make you feel better you loser. Better not take those drugs here they are illegal, go back to your country if you want to be a stoner you loser.


I think it is you that would be more comfortable in Cuba or Venezuela, where you can bully and intimidate people and tell them to shut up. You would fit right in with that crowd. You should get yourself a red bandana and wear it proudly. It's clear from the language that you use who is the loser here.

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