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In wake of Incognito scandal, Miami Dolphins push anti-bullying law in FL legislature


The Miami Dolphins are heading back to the Florida Legislature – but this time, it has nothing to do with their aging stadium.

The Dolphins on Tuesday helped introduce the Safe Athletics Education and Training Act of 2014 – a bill that would codify suggestions made by New York University researchers on ways to combat bullying.

The initiative is the boldest move yet in the team’s attempt to move past the embarrassing abuse scandal that has dominated the last four months.

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Ed Jenkins

The citizens do not see some crisis of childrens lunch money being taken from them and want no such law and consider this a horrible idea for the preparation of children for later life. A child must learn that there will always be adverse circumstances and they need to learn to deal with them either by running from them or taking on the bully because mom and dad will not always be there to protect them and the real world is a tough place.


This is just ridiculous.


There is a big difference between overcoming adversity and overcoming cruel treatment. Bullying is not a joke and it does lead people to think about suicide. Children do kill themselves over being bullied. If you're a person who thinks that bullying is a non-issue, then it makes sense to surmise that you are or have been in your life the bully, or maybe you were just never hugged a day in your life.
Let's not forget that professional sports players are the number one idol for many children. Whether they mean to or not they are setting an example for those who look up to them. If you're okay letting your child grow up thinking that the behavior of those involved is acceptable then you're the problem.

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