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Lawmakers, lobbyists and friends show up for Lopez Cantera's swearing in

Carlos Lopez Cantera has already been the state's lieutenant governor for seven hours but the official ceremony was held in the Florida House chamber late Monday afternoon. 

Lopez Cantera spoke in English and Spanish, telling the audience that Florida Gov. Rick Scott took office in the midst of the worst economy in decades and turned it around. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's working," the former House Republican Leaders said in a speech that stuck to the governor's political talking points. 

In the audience, a Who's Who of Tallahassee insiders packed the chamber. Lawyers and lobbyists, the Florida Cabinet, three members of the Florida Supreme Court and former House speakers and Senate presidents turned lobbyists -- Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos, Larry Cretul and James Harold Thompson -- sat in the front row. The entire Miami Dade delegation was in attendance as were several Democratic legislators: Reps. Jim Waldman, Perry Thurston, Jose Javier Rodriguez and Sen. Maria Sachs. 

Also in attendance were a host of big shots from Miami: businessman Norman Braman, Jackson Health CEO Carlos Migoya, former Congressman David Rivera, Miami Dade Republican Party chairman Nelson Diaz and Lopez Cantera's former classmates in the House: Ralph Arza and Adam Hasner.

At a briefing with reporters, Scott did all the talking. Ask what's it like to now be in the executive branch, Lopez Cantera answered: "It's good to be back.''  

Here is the invitation list for the ceremony, courtesy of the governor's office:

1.     Governor Rick Scott

2.     Mr. Carlos Lopez-Cantera

3.     Mrs. Renee Lopez-Cantera

4.     Miss Sabrina Lopez-Cantera

5.     Miss Sofia Lopez-Cantera

6.     Mr.  Gadyaces Serralata

7.     Mrs. Monica Serralata

8.     Ms. Esther “Shelly” Smith Fano

9.     Ms. Ana Fano

10.  Miss Miah Fano Barnes

11.  Mr. Marcus Barnes

12.  Mr. Robert Rosen

13.  Ms. Vivian Williams

14.  Mr. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Sr.

15.  Mrs. Marta Ligia Lopez-Cantera

16.  Ms. Amada Lopez-Cantera

17.  Mr. Todd Rosen

18.  Mrs. Taryn Sheir Rosen

19.  Mr. Victor Lopez-Cantera

20.  Mr. Christopher Moya

21.  Mrs. Elizabeth Moya

22.  Ms. Linda Larrea

23.  Ms. Gloriah Rosen

24.  Mr. Trey Traviesa

25.  Mrs. Nina Traviesa

26.  Mr. Rolando Encinosa

27.  Mrs. Ana Encinosa

28.  Mr. Stephen Blumenthal

29.  Mrs. Allison Brumenthal

30.  Mr. Claudio Rodriguez

31.  Mrs. Lourdes Rodriguez

32.  Mr. Norman Braman

33.  Mrs. Norman Braman

34.  Mrs. Christina MacRobert

35.  Mr. Joseph Ruiz

36.  Mr. Ralph Garcia-Toledo

37.  Mrs. Vicky Garcia-Toledo

38.  Mr. Julio Gonzalez-Rebull

39.  Mr. Albert Maury

40.  Mr. Eric Del Pino

41.  Mr. Diego Del Pino

42.  Mr. Jamie Martinez

43.  Adam Hasner

44.  Chief Justice Ricky Polston

45.  Justice Charles Canady

46.  Justice Jorge Labarga

47.  AG Pam Bondi

48.  CFO Jeff Atwater

49.  President Don Gaetz

  1. Senator Thad Altman
  2. Senator Rob Bradley
  3. Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
  4. Senator Rene Garcia
  5. Senator Audrey Gibson
  6. Senator Denise Grimsley
  7. Senator Alan Hays
  8. Senator Dorothy L. Hukill
  9. Senator John Legg
  10. Senator Gwen Margolis
  11. Senator Garrett Richter
  12. Senator Maria Lorts Sachs
  13. Senator Wilton Simpson
  14. Senator Kelli Stargel
  15. Senator John Thrasher

65.  Representative-Will W.-Weatherford

66.  Representative-Janet-Adkins

67.  Representative-Larry-Ahern

68.  Representative-Ben-Albritton

69.  Representative-Frank-Artiles

70.  Representative-Dennis-Baxley

71.  Representative-Lori-Berman

72.  Representative-Halsey-Beshears

73.  Representative-Jim-Boyd

74.  Representative-Jason T.-Brodeur

75.  Representative-Matt-Caldwell

76.  Representative-Gwyndolen-Clarke-Reed

77.  Representative-Marti-Coley

78.  Representative-Neil-Combee

79.  Representative-Richard-Corcoran

80.  Representative-Steve-Crisafulli

81.  Representative-Janet-Cruz

82.  Representative-W. Travis-Cummings

83.  Representative-Manny-Diaz (M)

84.  Representative-Dane-Eagle

85.  Representative-Joe-Gibbons

86.  Representative-Tom-Goodson

87.  Representative-Walter Bryan ''Mike''-Hill

88.  Representative-Doug-Holder

89.  Representative-Ed-Hooper

90.  Representative-Matt-Hudson

91.  Representative-Travis-Hutson

92.  Representative-Clay-Ingram

93.  Representative-Mike-La Rosa

94.  Representative-Debbie-Mayfield

95.  Representative-Seth-McKeel

96.  Representative-Bryan-Nelson

97.  Representative-Marlene-O'Toole

98.  Representative-Kathleen C.-Passidomo

99.  Representative-Jimmy T.-Patronis

100.                Representative-Cary-Pigman

101.                Representative-Ray-Pilon

102.                Representative-Elizabeth W.-      Porter

103.                Representative-Daniel D. -         Raulerson

104.                Representative-Michelle-            Rehwinkel Vasilinda

105.                Representative-Kenneth L. -       Roberson

106.                Representative-Ray Wesley-       Rodrigues (R)

107.                Representative-Hazelle P.          ''Hazel''-Rogers

108.                Representative-David-Santiago

109.                Representative-Jimmie T.-Smith             (J)

110.                Representative-Charlie-Stone

111.                Representative-James W. -        Waldman

112.                Representative-Alan B.-Williams

113.                Representative-John-Wood

114.                Representative-Ritch-Workman

115.                Representative-Dana D.-Young

116.                Speaker Dean Cannon

117.                Speaker Larry Cretul

118.                Speaker James Harold Thompson

119.                Speaker T.K. Wetherell

120.                The Honorable Bob Crawford     (Former Senate President)

121.                Commissioner Pam Stewart

122.                Secretary Craig Nichols

123.                Secretary Gray Swoope

124.                Barbara Palmer

125.                Nick Wiley

126.                Secretary Esther Jacobo

127.                Secretary Herschel Vinyard

128.                Secretary Wansley Walters

129.                Ash Williams

130.                Secretary Ananth Prasad

131.                Secretary Cynthia O’Connell

132.                Secretary Liz Dudek

133.                Will Seccombe

134.                David Hart

135.                Secretary Mike Crews

136.                Secretary Chuck Corley

137.                Chris Hart

138.                Jesse Panuccio

139.                Secretary Ken Lawson

140.                Secretary Ken Detzner

141.                Colonel Mike Pendergast

142.                John Sebree

143.                Carol Dover

144.                Rick Watson

145.                Mary Lou Rajchel

146.                Pam Olsen

147.                Randy Miller

148.                Bob Burleson

149.                Deborah Curry

150.                Brewster Bevis


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Ed Jenkins

The citizens greatly appreciate this wise choice by a governor they initially doubted but who has now won them over with his superb fiscal stewardship. They are most impressed that the biggest defender of taxpayer money Mr. Braman would take his valuable time to show the he agrees what a wise pick this was and democrat primary voters such as this one can also take it as a sign that so many democrat lawmakers were in attendance to give their endorsement of the Scott-Cantera ticket. The citizens noted the amount of democrats in attendance and wonder why the democrat party cannot see this sign of how upset democrat primary voters are over the scumbag crist and know of the inevitable campaign meltdown coming as it always does with scumbag crist and how these democrat lawmakers want to be nowhere near scumbag crist already.

Can't take anymore

Our scumbag governor invited only his inner circle of political and lobbyist scumbag friends to this secret coronation. This clumsy "outreach" to Hispanics by anointing Cantera as LTG will fool only those who would vote for Scott anyway. Just like the unsuccessful Romney campaign, the Republicans here will get to spend a zillion dollars to lose another campaign their own polls tell them they won't win. More proof the top 1% have way too much money.

Dr. Kevorkian

Finally Ed was able to incorporate scumbag crist three times into the same sentence.

The citizens are duly impressed.

Now please get back on your meds before you try for four.

Your treating physician,


The polls show clearly that the preferred choice for governor is Charlie Crist over the scumbag $cott. Why even scumbag $cott's own polls show him trailing Crist. The fact that the scumbag $cott chose a Cuban American from Miami-Dade as his L.G. shows his feable support among Cuban American voters in particular. The citizens wonder why the scumbag $cott doesn't see the writing on the wall and resign right now so that a stronger candidate can step forward.


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Dear Dumbo,

Once again you come on only to hurl epithets and try to bully and intimidate the other writers in a feeble attempt to shut them up. You never have an original thought germane to the topic of the article. For your sake, I hope that the medical marijuana amendment passes so that you can get a prescription that will take care of the bug you have up your behind.


Oh look, rafter boy pablo is back using his name instead of all of the other fake names he posts under to tell us he can mock other posters but leave mommy's little boy alone. Go take your drugs and communism back to your communist paradise you stoner.


Dear Dumbo,

Once again you come on only to hurl epithets and try to bully and intimidate the other writers in a feeble attempt to shut them up. You never have an original thought germane to the topic of the article. For your sake, I hope that the medical marijuana amendment passes so that you can get a prescription that will take care of the bug you have up your behind.

Ghost of Ed Jenkins

It is pretty clear that D and Ed Jenkins are BOTH the same Republican Operative.
BTW Pablo isnt the one pawning all your thinly veiled Republican postings. Its me.
I have never posted as Pablo but am Happy to mock you fool.
Your tactics are sooooo 2008, 2000 Late.

Ed Jenkins

I Like Ham Sandwiches


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Dear Dumbo,

You desperately need some new material. You are getting boring and repeating yourself, like someone with dementia. You should move to Russia and pal around with Putin, because you share the same views. Adios.

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