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Lopez-Cantera chides crowd of bored biz leaders

Florida business leaders weren't very interested in hearing from Gov. Rick Scott's new lieutenant governor Tuesday, and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera decided to let them have it.

Lopez-Cantera was apparently expecting more enthusiasm from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, a group that strongly supports Scott's re-election. But some were more interested in answering their emails.

In his eighth day on the job, the new L.G. gave a morning speech Tuesday at Florida State's Turnbull Conference Center at the Chamber's 2014 Capitol Days, a pro-business pep rally at which business leaders convene at the capital for seminars, speeches and social events.

Lopez-Cantera was ticking off  the great things he says Scott supports -- cutting fees, spending more on schools, attracting jobs -- when he discovered he was losing his audience.

"And I, you know, I look around this room and I see the eyes starting to, maybe you guys are thinking about a meeting that you have," he told the group. "I don't see you guys excited about these things. I mean, this is stuff that really affects your bottom line, in your businesses every day, and that's why the governor is so passionate about it, and that's why I'm excited to be part of the team. But if you guys have better ideas ... " 


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They know empty rhetoric when they hear it. :-)


Good one Mama!

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen writers from this hometown paper have lost the trust of their readers and this paper has continuously lost subscribers over the years due to childish shots taken at politicians from only one party. The unwise author is unable to realize when a politician is telling a joke and decides to use it to make an insult to this candidate which readers used to believe would be something an independent journalist would do. However this hometown paper has become a great disappointment to the few readers that remain and to the many that left it which can only be corrected by firing this horrible writer and those who exhibit similar behavior and pledging once again to be an unbiased hometown paper.

I. P. Daley

Ed the citizens are disappointed you failed to insert your staple tagline "scumbag Crist" into your above post. Please do better next time because it's what we live for.

Can't take anymore

Carlos goes "blah, blah, blah.......vote for Rick and me" and the audience goes to sleep. He might take a bit of caution in his clumsy efforts to bite the hands that feed him and the crooked regime he has joined.

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