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Matt Gaetz has his Senate partner: Bradley files medical marijuana bill

Rep. Matt Gaetz has found a Senate sponsor for efforts to decriminalize a single strain of marijuana for medical purposes. Sen. Rob Bradley announced he'll be sponsoring SB 1030. Gaetz's bill is HB 843.  

The news was welcomed by families desparate for relief.

"We are grateful to Senators Bradley, Brandes, and Bean for filing this lifesaving bill in the Senate today,'' said Peyton Moseley, Founder of Caring 4 Florida and parent of a child with severe epilepsy.  "Their compassion and understanding of the difference Charlotte's Web can make in the treatment of our daughter RayAnn and tens of thousands of other Floridians suffering with severe epilepsy gives us hope for our daughter's future." 

Here's Bradley's press release:

Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) filed SB 1030 to allow the compassionate use of medical-grade marijuana for Floridians suffering with severe neurological conditions like epilepsy.  SB 1030 also eliminates the legal jeopardy that has forced Floridians to seek treatment in other states.   
SB 1030 provides a framework for the production and distribution of non-smokable strains of cannabis with high concentrations of CBD, the medicinal component of cannabis, and low levels (.05%) of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana.  A hybrid strain with similar concentrations known as “Charlotte’s Web” has been reported to provide relief from serious illnesses, including for children suffering from daily seizures associated with epilepsy. 
“Charlotte’s Web helps patients improve their quality of life and offers hope to parents desperate to provide relief to their children,” said Senator Bradley. “While many Floridians have significant concerns about medical marijuana being misused, SB 1030 offers a new opportunity for Floridians who have not found relief with current medications.” 
The Republican led effort, co-sponsored by Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) and Senator Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach), creates a pathway toward legal use of Charlotte’s Web, which is processed into an oil extract and administered by placing a droplet under the tongue, avoiding the harmful side effects of smoking marijuana. 
“This is completely different from what the public knows about marijuana,” said Senator Aaron Bean. “I’m excited about the possibility of ending seizures in medically challenged kids.”
The unique hybrid strain, originally referred to as “Hippie’s Disappointment,” offers the therapeutic benefits of CBD without getting patients “high.”   
“As a father I would go to any length to ease the suffering of one of my children,” said Senator Jeff Brandes.  “The State of Florida shouldn’t force parents to choose between leaving our state and comforting an ailing child.”
Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) has filed the companion bill in the House, HB 843.
“The language filed today is the starting point of a conversation about how we should adjust our laws to reflect new advancements in treatment. The sponsors in the Senate and House share the goal of providing relief to Floridians in need.  As these bills move through the legislative process we will continue to work with medical experts and patients to find the best option for Florida.” said Senator Bradley.


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Bill Thompson

Nothing like a little election looming on the horizon to motivate legislation on this issue. RPOF will do anything to try and manipulate the results in November, even legalizing marijuana. Their goal is to pass this in order to discourage supporters of the constitutional amendment from going to vote in November.


Shut the hell up you stoner loser Thompson. You are such a pathetic failure that you support the party of losers you communist because you are jealous that other people that work harder than you lazy ass actually are successful because they aren't sitting at home getting stoned like you.

Matthew Head

Somebody had a bad day lol! "D" is so ignorant that he or she doesn't even realize that CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that regulate neurotransmitters in the brain. NO D.... You are the loser! lol Do some research before you start talking out of your ass!


Matthew T. Head
Medical Marijuana USER

Bill Thompson

Losers are people that post under an intitial instead of under their real name. Losers are people that tell other people to shut up and try to shout everyone else down. Losers are people that post mindless comments that have nothing to do with the article that's being reported.


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“You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”


Wow, the adult citizens have had to get near 700,000 registered voter signatures and have state supreme court approval just to get medical marijuana on the ballot. Now come three state senators and they can and probably will get Charlotte's web marijuana passed or on the books this spring. What? It's okay with you to experiment on the children? What about side effects on these babies? What? Florida gonna grow or are you going to obtain across state lines? C.W. marijuana strain of marijuana with little research and yet the senators are all for it. Okay, We the people know the long term effects of marijuana with high THC are. Our drug dealers supplied us basically with your permission since the 1960's. Florida lawmakers, get your heads out of the sand and just legalize marijuana and enjoy the jobs and tax revenues you so dearly want. Using the children to experiment on and leave the adults out to fend for themselves. What a bunch of losers we have for state senators.

ms. jacque

karma points to MTH..Genesis 1:29...WWJD..have compassion for anyone who chooses a natural, God given, alternative.

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