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Miami Congressman Joe Garcia asks President Obama to let more Venezuelans stay in U.S.


With anti-government protests persisting in Venezuela, Miami Congressman Joe Garcia has asked President Barack Obama to grant more political asylum applications from and cease deportations to the South American country.

In a letter to Obama sent Monday, Garcia said the latest unrest, which Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has blamed in part on the United States, makes Venezuelans who have lived in the U.S. a target if they return home.

“These people not only have a legitimate fear of persecution” if they return to Venezuela, Garcia told the Miami Herald. “They’ve also become a part of our community.”

Garcia, a Democrat whose district extends from Kendall to Key West, asked the president to use his executive power to “employ all possible actions” to assist Venezuelans, including authorizing a special immigration designation that would allow them to legally live and work in the U.S. That designation, known as Deferred Enforced Departure, has been granted to Liberians who fled armed conflict.

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Ed Jenkins

The citizens are tired of the distractions this about to be indicted Garcia keeps throwing out to delay his prosecution instead of resigning and allowing the people to be represented. They have demanded that the admitted campaign law breaker leave office so that someone who cares about the constituents can hold the seat rather than someone trying to use it as leverage with prosecutors. They are also appalled but not surprised that this criminal would call on the federal government to not follow laws since he doesn't follow them himself.

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