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Miami-Dade commission overturns mayor's veto, restores workers' pay


The third time proved to be the charm for the Miami-Dade County Commission to restore workers’ pay.

On Tuesday, commissioners voted 9-4 to override a veto by Mayor Carlos Gimenez. As a result, the commission’s earlier decision to end an unpopular pay concession for county and Jackson Health System workers will stand.

Most employees have been contributing 5 percent of their base pay toward group healthcare costs for the past four years. That contribution will now go away, retroactive to Jan. 1.

The stunning turn of events handed a stinging defeat to Gimenez, who had twice vetoed the commission’s 8-5 vote to eliminate the healthcare contribution. His administration seemed on the verge of a compromise Tuesday.

But before the commission could even consider a deal, it had to vote on the veto itself. That’s when Commissioner Juan C. Zapata switched sides, giving the majority the deciding vote it needed to override the mayor.

There were loud gasps on the County Hall commission chambers. Gimenez stared at Zapata. Elated union members and leaders shook hands and congratulated each other. The commission had overturned the veto.

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Ed Jenkins

The taxpayers are extremely angry that this council has taken union bribes instead of doing their jobs of protecting the taxpayer against unnecessary waste. The horrible council members need to be removed and investigated after this horrible payoff scheme which greatly damages the taxpayers. The taxpayers are thankful for the effort of this great mayor and hope he can find a way to undo this terrible injustice.

Tom Watkins

Cheer up Ed. There's a silver lining in every cloud. Now Gimenez can go ahead and lay off a bunch of firemen, policemen and librarians to make up for this and show up those horrible council members and unions.


Ed and Tom,
Both of are idiots...


Ed and Tom,
Both of you are idiots...


You forget that most of the County Employees live in Miami-Dade County and are also taxpayers like yourself!!!!


Hey dumbass, the rest of us don't want to give you a raise you lazy government worker so if you don't like your salary find a new job like everyone else would do.

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