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Nan Rich wins Buddy MacKay's support in Democratic race for governor

From a press release:

Calling her the “…one true Democrat in the race,” former Democratic Governor Buddy MacKay today announced his support and endorsement of Nan Rich for governor. 

“For the past 16 years, under 3 Republican governors, our state has been led down a right-wing, ideological path that has worked against teachers and public education, dismantled growth management and put our environmental resources in jeopardy, ignored the needs of our elderly and at risk children, and abandoned the middle class in favor of tax breaks for the rich and major corporations,” MacKay stated in a prepared release. 

“We need a strong Democrat to lead Florida again, and Nan Rich is the one true Democrat in the race for governor.  I’ve known Nan since before she was first elected to the legislature.  We worked together on many issues to improve the lives of children and families.  In the legislature, we could always count on her to be an effective advocate for public schools, seniors, and social justice issues.   Nan Rich has the skills and experience we need to lead Florida and get our state back on the right track.  She has my support – and she’ll have my vote on Election Day.”

“I’m sincerely honored to have the support of Governor MacKay,” Rich said.  “Buddy MacKay and Lawton Chiles were visionary leaders who cared deeply about the working people of Florida.  Florida was in far better shape under their stewardship than it has been ever since.  As governor, I intend to pick up where they left off and lead Florida into a new era of prosperity – a Democratic era of a strong middle class and fairness for all.”

Buddy MacKay is a life-long Democrat who had a long and distinguished public service career.   He was a state legislator and U.S. Representative before serving as Lt. Governor in the Chiles administration.  He became the 42nd Governor of Florida following Chiles’ death on December 12, 1998.


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Ed Jenkins

As a big fan of Lawton Chiles, this democrat primary voter may again be swayed by this move by his able lieutenant MacKay. He is one who knows what it took to win the governor's position and was on the last winning ticket nearly 20 years ago and knows that the voters will never elect someone like scumbag crist who the party is trying to force on its primary voters. This democrat primary voter was prepared to sit out the primary after the highly offensive comments by the nancy lady the other day but Mackay's support will give her another look because he may know that she might have had a bad day and not meant what she said.

Ed Jr.

Dad does this mean when she endorses Charlie we will also?

Ed's Wife

Ed Jenkins is a very bad Republican blogger. Very bad.

Ed Jr.

Mom what's for dinner?


Buddy McKay's endorsement will sway more people than he will get credit forl

Jim Sorenson

Yes, Buddy McKay knows how to win the governor's position. Just look back to 1998 when he soundly beat Jeb Bush to succeed Lawton Chiles.

He also picked the Broncos on Sunday night.

Can't take anymore

Yawn!! Nan and Buddy? Two loser Democratic candidates that couldn't get elected State Dogcatcher on their best days. Numbnuts paleo-Democrats like them are the reason Florida has been under total Republican control for over 20 years. Please go home, turn out the lights and stay there quietly until the 1st of December.


Nan Rich has the integrity the other candidates lack. She didn't steal and lie to make a fortune. She doesn't change her position at every new poll. None of her associates are in prison or under investigation. She cares more about the people of Florida than she does about her own political career. Will she win in Florida? Money chases the candidate that can be bought and money definitely bought the present governor his job.


Nan Rich has a record that is CONSISTENT... I won't be voting for a man who was a Republic just over a year ago...


This story is truly shocking! I cannot believe Buddy McKay is still alive. Call the National Enquirer!

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