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National Republicans acknowledge 'stunning' shift in attitudes about gay marriage

When the new attorney general in Virginia decided recently to oppose his state’s ban on gay marriage, it might have been dismissed as an isolated move by a Democrat seeking to reverse Republican policy. But it underscored the speed and breadth of a fundamental change in the country.

Public opinion on same-sex marriage is changing at breathtaking speed. Voters across the nation are dropping their opposition, and many state gay-marriage bans just recently adopted are already coming under assault.

“On no issue in American life have opinions changed as fast as they have on gay rights,” said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster and political consultant. “It is truly a stunning development.”

The change is especially vexing for Republicans, who used the issue to get conservative voters to the polls just a decade ago and now are torn between their traditional stance and political base on one hand and the quickly changing political landscape on the other.

Among the most dramatic shifts are in politically key battleground states such as Virginia, which was a bellwether in the last two presidential elections. Story here. 




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Ed Jenkins

Despite the polls, American people want the exact opposite of the results of these surveys.
People just do not know what they want or what is good for them, so from here on out I will be the voice of those people and make their decisions for them.

For my first pronouncement I hereby state that there will be no more music on Tuesdays.


Why does the Herald keep writing these articles on perverts, this is disgusting even a sex magazine wouldn't print this crap. How stupid can this Klas lady be since we had a vote just a couple years ago and more than 60% of the voters said they don't this perverted stuff going on in our state, what more proof does this idiot reporter need to stop publishing this nonsense.

Ghost of Ed Jenkins

I was going to lampoon your ridiculous comments as well D, but you do such a fine job yourself being the evil, hate filled, jerk you are, so keep your comments coming. You only weaken your side's arguments.

Ed Jenkins

As the wise reader known only as D has noted, the people by large numbers have already made their opinion known on a subject that they are bothered even had to be mentioned as this perverted activity is destructive to society and the individual. The readers request no more articles on such disgusting activities as this publication is occasionally read by children who could get horrible ideas when reading about such perverted activities.


The media loves these terms of 'stunning evolution' or 'rapidly changing' but they're almost completely based on polls or court rulings - things that have little or no bearing on reality. Polls are notoriously unreliable on issues relating to such things as homosexuality.

What about the massive negative response the American people gave when Phil Robertson was temporarily pulled off A&E for his identifying with traditional values? Didn't that speak volumes? Quoting polls is foolish - most Americans simply aren't enamored with homosexuality, regardless of what some pollsters claim.

Ed Jenkins

Wise readers such as the previously quoted Steve are getting tired of a hometown paper not representing their state's family friendly views as he correctly explains. This hometown paper continues to lose its readers by publishing these pervert supporting stories which greatly offend their readers family friendly values.


Apparently, this Steve and Ed have some sort of bromance going on, not that there's anything wrong with that. Once this all blows over and this is overturned, y'all can do whatever y'all want together and it will be nobody else's business.

Citizen George

It already IS "nobody else's business", Adam. It's just that the frabid freligious frightwing busybodies seem to want to stick their noses IN other people's business.

Citizen George

Re: "Despite the polls, American people want the exact opposite of the results of these surveys."

Translation: Despite facts, the anti-equality squad want to impose their beliefs on other people they've never even met.

Citizen George

Re: "Why does the Herald keep writing these articles on perverts, this is disgusting even a sex magazine wouldn't print this crap."

So, people wanting to get married are now "perverts", and reporting on the struggle for equality (as promised in the Constitution) is now "crap" (and, later, "nonsense")!?!?!

The frightwing say these things and still wonder why they are not believed. Amazing.

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