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Poll indicates Crist in line -- and Scott, Lopez-Cantera out of step -- with Cubans, Floridians over Cuba


Large majorities of Floridians, those of Cuban descent and Americans in general support normalizing relations with Cuba, according to a new poll that indicates Charlie Crist's recent stance against the embargo could be a political plus.

Once a hotbed of hardline positions against Cuba, Florida residents are more inclined to want to engage or normalize relations with Cuba compared to the rest of the nation, the poll from the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center of the Atlantic Council Atlantic Council shows.

As many as 63 percent of Floridians support a thaw in relations with Cuba, compared to 30 percent who are opposed. Nationwide, support for rapprochement with Cuba stands at 56 percent with 35 percent opposed.

“This is a key change from the past: Cuba used to be intractable because Florida was intractable. This poll argues that is no longer true,” Peter Schechter and Jason Marczak, executives with the Latin America center, wrote in an analysis of the poll.

Perhaps most-surprisingly, those of Cuban descent heavily favor normalization or engagement: 79-21 percent in Florida and 73-26 percent nationwide.

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Embargo has not worked. We can not follow the thinking of the "very" "very" old Cubans that do not want to see the reality. In Cuba political dissidents and imprisoned are the minority compared to the millions of the suffering population. (I do not condone political repression) Also do not forget that politicians and lots of Cubans businesses profits from the people visiting the island and of course they will be opposed to end the embargo.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen and democrat primary voters predicted the scumbag crist has begun his campaign maeltdown, though earlier than this democrat primary voter predicted. The democrat primary voters call for this buffoon to be replaced after this horrific week where he has announced his support for communist dictators, offended the voters of florida with his family unfriendly remarks and then been named in a quid pro quo judicial appointment investigation and is facing indictment on this matter at any time. The voters request a replacement candidate before it is too late and the indictment comes down after primary elections have occurred.

Tally Folly

Some Cubans want to keep the embargo yet they are the only ones allowed by law to visit Cuba. They get to have it both ways.
The rest of American is tired of this 50 year old grudge. Do Cuba and South Florida a favor and end this nonsense. Its easier to travel to North Korea and Iran.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Ed, I am so tired of hearing your mumbling at home. Now, I have to read it in the newspaper. Please, go back to bed.


It is hypocritical of the US govt and politicians to maintain the position that we stand for freedom, free speech and human rights when we are in bed with China. Which is the poster child of limiting all of the above.

DCF hotline

Mrs. J you are one strong women. I don't know how you do it!

Alvaro Alberto

The worst enemies of the Embargo are those Cubans traveling to Cuba on a regular basis! They should stop the double talk! I know people that go to celebrate Quinces, Weddings and or just vacationing! Not to mention sending money weekly! And some of these people have never work one hour in the US and they are receiving Welfare help, Food Stamps and free Medicaid!


Politicians have only maintained that opinion because it meant votes in So FL that heavily swayed both State and National elections. As the generations mature and opinions and political views of the younger culture of Cubans change so will the stance of those who want to be elected. Flavor of the month!


Look you dumbass Folly if you think things are so great in Cuba why don't you go live there you commie with your friend Fidel the communist dictator. There is a reason people risk their lives to leave that sh*thole.

As for the moron who thinks china is like Cuba why don't you spent some time there and see all of the privately owned businesses and property. Their government is probably more capitalistic than ours since the communist took over in 2008 and its why they are growing at 8% while we have struggled to get above 2% since the piece of crap obama and his communists took over.


No doubt Charlie poll tested the issue before making his statement, even though as Governor he would have no say on the issue.

Making us all look good

Keep posting D. We love you bro!

Leonard Moecklin

Today the supremacy of Florida in U.S.-Cuba policy and in national politics has been debunked. With the release of a new Atlantic Council national poll the following findings were made:

(1) 56 percent of Americans and over 60 percent of Floridians and Latinos favor changing U.S. policy toward Cuba;
(2) Not only are Floridians more willing than a supportive nation for change, but they strongly favor normalization by eight percentage points more than the country as a whole;
(3) Support for engagement is strongest among Democrats (60 percent), but the majority of Republicans also support change (52 percent);
(4) More than six in ten people want all economic restrictions lifted;
(5) 61 percent nationally and 67 percent of Floridians favor removing all restrictions on travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens; Latinos weigh in at 66 percent;
(6) 77 percent of Americans favor diplomatic coordination between the United States and Cuba on issues of mutual concern; 82 percent of Floridians favor this;
(7) 61 percent of U.S. citizens nationally, and 67 percent of Floridians, do not think Cuba belongs on the U.S. terrorism list.

What are you waiting for, Mr. President? U.S. citizens have spoken. There is a gaping hole of political space for you to act. Call the White House today to leave a message for President Obama that now is the time to change our Cuba policy.

At the unveiling of the poll on February 11 in Washington, DC, two influential senators spoke in favor of ending the embargo. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said that the voice of the American people needs to be raised, and, “thanks to this poll, they are silent no longe...It is illogical to pursue a policy that has no chance of success.” Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) echoed the sentiments of Sen. Leahy and reminded the audience that the polls’ findings reflect a bipartisan position. “This poll takes away the FLORIDA reason” to maintain the embargo. Senator Flake also stated that he favors lifting the entire embargo! The U.S. embargo doesn’t isolate Cuba; it isolates us.

Will you take this action now? Call the President (Comment Line: 202-456-1111/Switchboard: 202-456-1414) and raise your voice: Mr. President, tear down this travel ban. Mr. President, Cuba is not a terrorist state. Mr. President, sit down and talk with the Cubans – dialogue is the only way.

The new poll released by the Atlantic Council only adds to the growing momentum to change policy towards Cuba. Last week, Cuban-American sugar baron, Alfonso Fanjul came out in favor of engagement with and investment in Cuba; former Florida Senator Bob Graham traveled to Cuba and has said that the embargo has outgrown its usefulness and should end; Florida gubernatorial candidate, Charlie Crist, publicly stated his support for ending the embargo; Florida Cuban-American financier and art promoter, Jorge Perez, announced his support for ending the embargo; North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp traveled to Cuba and, upon her return, said “I think 55 years of this relationship is probably enough and it’s time to now transition to a different relationship.” It couldn’t be clearer; there is a chorus of voices from all parts of this country calling for a policy of engagement.

So what is the hold-up? Let’s go, Mr. President.

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