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Ponzi schemer Rothstein's 'quid pro quo' claims put Charlie Crist in pr hurt locker


A convicted Ponzi schemer’s court claims that Charlie Crist engaged in a contributions-for-favors “quid pro quo” has come at a damaging time for the former governor who wants his old job back.

Crist’s campaign and defenders vociferously denied Scott Rothstein’s testimony Wednesday and Thursday as the desperate act of a fraudster seeking to shave time off a 50-year prison sentence for the $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme he masterminded.

But Rothstein’s veracity aside, the political damage is tolling on Crist, who’s also in the midst of a national book tour.

The allegations reverberated in the news media, highlighted past political scandals tied to former Crist donors and put the Democratic candidate on the defensive over making ethics a centerpiece of his campaign against Gov. Rick Scott, who once ran a hospital company socked with a mammoth $1.7 billion fraud fine.

Now Rothstein’s claims have allowed Republicans to step up their criticisms of Crist’s ethics when he was governor from 2007-2011.

“Scott Rothstein is the Hannibal Lecter of liars,” said Dan Gelber, a Crist ally and lawyer who successfully defended a client from what he said were false Rothstein claims in another case. “He’s the most-accomplished liar in South Florida history, which is an incredible feat if you consider all of the scamsters around here.”

Rothstein rendered his two days of testimony in yet another unrelated case tied to an associate in his former Fort Lauderdale law firm, which sold bogus legal settlements to investors as part of his mammoth Ponzi scheme.

Under oath, Rothstein portrayed the former Republican governor, Crist, as someone who essentially sold “a few” unspecified Broward County circuit court judicial appointments in return for political contributions.

Crist had tapped Rothstein to the Judicial Nominating Commission for the Fourth District Court of Appeal and the Broward Circuit Court.

“He knew how that game was played. I expected him to do certain things in exchange for large contributions,” Rothstein told a defense attorney Thursday in a federal courtroom in West Palm Beach.

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Bill McCollum


The two are not synonomous. One is fact; the other is are the ravings of a known liar.


I don't know that Scott will want to bring up Rothstein in the campaign. He's got his own shady ties to the guy. Just google any combination of Scott-Rothstein and some of these other names - Edify LLC, Ken Jenne, Kimberly Kisslan, William Rubin - and you'll get a platefull.

Tally Folly

Rick Scott stole billions himself. Charlie took contributions from an unknown huckster along with many other including John McCain.
Oh yeah Scott Rothstein is also the biggest liar on the planet and also a Republican. Wonder if he would do anything to hinder Crist's chance if he thought it might help him get some leniency?

Ed Jenkins

Charlie Crist is a handsome man. Maybe I will vote for him after all.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen this scumbag crist had many improper dealings previously and the people of florida know that they do not want him back in the position to continue them in the future so it was very disappointing to democrat primary voters the he be pushed on them by the democrat party rather than a candidate who can win the general election which hasn't been done in nearly 20 years. The citizens suspect that this endorsement by the democrat party of such a horrible candidate may be part of another quid pro quo.


The Crist supporter who is commenting using different false names, should keep in mind that Crist calling anyone a liar is like the pot calling the kettle black. I don't like either Crist or Scott, but I'll cast my lesser of two evil vote for Scott. Crist is so fake and would say or do anything to win elections. Scott isn't a great governor, but Crist isn't a good human being.

Bill McCollum

What do you mean false names.

My good name was sullied by Rick Scott but I am still

Joe Kreps

And so It goes..........


I'm not sure I believe that there was ever an "understanding" between these two... I think Rothstein probably believed that if he gave enough, he would get his way. But this is politics and we all know campaign contributions speak... Rothstein just took it to the tenth degree. The rest was probably just in his head... larger than life... etc.

That's more like it

Hmmmmm an intelligent post

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