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President Obama, First Lady are Miami-bound March 7

From the White House:

“On Friday, March 7th, the President and the First Lady will travel to the Miami area for an event on expanding opportunity for the middle class. Further details about the President and First Lady’s travel to Florida will be made available in the coming days.”


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ed jenkins

This most horrible president and his angry wife would be wise to avoid this great city who his horrible policies have damaged so greatly, especially with his most hated interference in private contacts between individuals and companies that offer insurance against medical expenses. This state and city greatly despise this communist who has ruined the image of the democrat party and was only lucky that an unusual storm distracted the people long enough for them to forget the damage he had done until after the election.

Bill Thompson

The citizens welcome our president and first lady to our great family friendly state, where he is most popular having swept the state in both 2008 and 2012.

Janet Suarez

So much hatred in some of the comments do no reflect the true values of our diverse city. We welcome the Obamas once again to the city that helped the President's reelection. You and Mrs Obama deserve our respect for your continue support to the middle class and minorities in this country.

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