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Rick Scott goes for 14: signs another death warrant, this time for 1987 Broward co-worker killer


Less than a day after the 13th convicted killer was executed on his watch, Gov. Rick Scott signed another death warrant, this time for a Broward County man who bludgeoned and burned to death two coworkers in 1987.

If executed, Robert Lavern Henry will be the 84th person put to death by the state since it reinstituted the death penalty in 1976. Since that time, Scott has already overseen more executions in his first term than any other governor, which we noted yesterday.

 A copy of the press release:

The attached letter was transmitted today to Warden John Palmer of Florida State Prison. It pertains to Robert L. Henry.

On November 2, 1987, Henry murdered Phyllis Harris and Janet Thermidor in Broward County by attacking them with a hammer and burning them to death.  Henry, who worked at a fabric store with the victims, approached Ms. Harris and falsely claimed that the store was being robbed.  Henry bound and blindfolded Ms. Harris and brought her to the men’s restroom, purportedly on the robbers’ instructions. Henry then went to the store office, struck Ms. Thermidor repeatedly with a hammer, and robbed the store of money.  Henry shortly returned to the office, doused Ms. Thermidor with a flammable liquid, and set her on fire.  Henry then went back to the men’s room, where he struck the bound and blindfolded Ms. Harris repeatedly with a hammer, doused her with the flammable liquid, and set her on fire as well.  Ms. Harris died at the scene, and Ms. Thermidor died the following morning, with over 95 percent of her body burned.

 The execution date has been set for Thursday, March 20, 2014, at 6 p.m.  Attached is the transmittal letter as well as the death warrant.


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Ed Jenkins

The people of Florida greatly appreciate how well this scott is fulfilling his job in this area and ridding our state of these monsters, making sure they will never commit their atrocious acts again. The citizens are encouraged by this increased pace of emptying out death row saving taxpayers money but they are still annoyed that this death row could be cleaned out in a week and it has not. One more improvement would be to bring back one of the state's most popular icons - old sparky to maximize the suffering of these horrible people to match what their victims experienced while at the same time citizens can join in by lowering their electricity to give some more juice to old sparky.

EJ's therapist

We have talked about your anger issues. Remember?


This is about the ONLY good thing Scott has done.

dave abrams

the "reporters" who republished this barroom rag forgot the part where the taxpayers paid an extra $500,000 for the fun of killing this bum. but to a master thief like Scott a half million is chump change.

Bill Thompson

And this count doesn't even include the ones killed in the custody of DCF in Scott's administration.


Is it cheaper to house those who've committed horrific crimes for life or kill them? My guess would be the latter.

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