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Rick Scott: record-holding killer of killers among modern-day FL governor 1st termers


When Juan Carlos Chavez was put to death at 8:17 p.m. Wednesday, his execution marked the 13th on Florida Gov. Rick Scott's watch -- a record among first term Florida governors since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Since then, 83 have been executed.

Charlie Crist (2007-2011) oversaw the fewest executions, 5, in his single term. (Crist, now a Democrat, is running against Scott).

Jeb Bush (1999-2007) was the prior first-term record holder with 11 executions in modern times. He still holds the all-time record: 21.

Lawton Chiles (1991-1998) executed eight people in his first term and 10 more in his second.

Bob Martinez (1987-1991) executed nine.

Bob Graham (1979-1987) executed two in his first term and 14 in his second.

For who was executed and when, here's the link

There's a chance another governor, prior to 1976, executed more in his first term or overall. The link to those executions is here.



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Ed Jenkins

The people of Florida greatly appreciate this scott for fulfilling his job better than any of his predecessors in this area by ridding this state of these monsters and it is another area where the scumbag crist cannot match up. There is some disappointment among the people that there are any left on death row at this point as they could all be run through the execution chamber in a week cleaning out death row and saving the taxpayers much money.

Friends of Ed Jenkins

We love your cheer and warmth!


And a perfect scumbag to die to get the record!

Can't take anymore

Scott is a rank amateur at executions compared to his pals from Texas, Crazy Rick Perry and the Dullwitted W. They really know how to clean out their state's Death Row population in a hurry. If a few mistakes were made and a few innocent men were executed those boys just saw it as a cost of doing political business, nothing personal.

Johnny Lugnuts

Go Rick Scott! Break Jeb's record!

Douglas Michie Johnson

The prosecutors consider it like a basketball game, and articles like this don't help. I am seriously concerned with the number of condemned that go to the needle bed proclaiming their innocence. Hard to pardon them for prosecutorial misconduct when they are dead.


All the inmates executed under Scott should have been carried out under Crist. He got cold feet in the Governors office after being known as "Chain-gang Charlie." He was afraid of national publicity when he ran for US Senate so he avoided signing warrants. It is surprising that a business orientated Governor like Rick Scott is carrying out the death penalty significantly better than Crist, our former Florida Attorney General.

Mary Anne Austin

So interesting.to see so many wiling to decide who lives and who dies.


Actually, the number of executed inmates under Rick Scott is 14. Paul Howell and John Henry are the current active warrants.

Bill Thompson

Scott better get busy if he wants to catch up to his idol in Texas. Perry is up to 268 and counting.


The most interesting point I think is, that The Nation Under God ignores the following commandment in the book of God: Thou shalt not kill! It reminds me of the 2 headed snake. But more perverse is the fact, that innocent people might get killed due to lying witnesses or mistakes in the prosecution. It makes me wish sometimes, that those signing these warrants "to get off on it", should end up themselves as innocent death row inmate due to a fault in the system and get axed by somebody else as eager as themselves. I wonder if they would get it then, when the needle puts them to sleep, dying knowing the did nothing wrong. For the ones who support the death penalty, I have following question: How can you consider yourself a Christian, if you support murder, when you pray in church?

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