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Rubio: Crist embargo position "just the latest in a series of flip flops"


Three days after Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist said he favors ending the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, Senator Marco Rubio said the change of heart is just Charlie being Charlie.

“It’s just the latest in a series of flip-flops that he’s undertaken on public policy,” Rubio said Monday after a speech on higher education at Miami Dade College.

Crist, who lost a senate race to Rubio in 2010 after shedding his Republican tag and running as an independent, announced Friday on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher that he’d changed his mind about the embargo. As Florida’s Republican governor from 2007-2011, Crist backed U.S. sanctions against Cuba.

He is now running as a Democrat against Gov. Rick Scott.

Crist said on Real Time that ending the embargo would be a boon to Florida’s economy. His statements came in a week in which Palm Beach sugar baron Alfonso Fanjul, whose family business was seized by Fidel Castro’s regime in 1959, told the Washington Post relations with Cuba should be eased.

Asked about Crist, Rubio said “my interests in Cuba are about the freedom and liberty of the Cuban people. I wish he’d make that a priority.”

As for Fanjul, Rubio was more measured: “I disagree with his assessment of what we need to do with Cuba policy.”


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Indie Thinker

Rubio wants to talk about flip flops when his darling Rick Scott has a whole host of them, ranging from Medicaid expansion to Common Core to the pill mill database?

Ed Jenkins

Democrat primary voters have asked for a new candidate knowing the usual campaign implosion of the scumbag crist would happen. this democrat primary voter has been surprised at how quickly the campaign meltdown has happened as we have seen many embarrassing misstatements and a general lack of knowledge of positions by this buffoon who is now a candidate begging to be replaced or he will finish a distant third place to the scott candidate and a soon to enter third party that will satisfy democrat primary voters.

You make it so easy

Speaking of a general lack of knowledge Ed how about your failure to understand the basic concept of a run on sentence?


Before this weekend, what was Rick Scott's position on the Cuba embargo?

I would have thought that Mr. "Let's Get to Work" businessman would have been all for the economic opportunities lifting or altering the embargo would bring the state of Florida.

But my (admittedly cursory) search for Mr. Scott's support of the Cuban people in this regard seems to be very hard to find.

Links, please, if anyone's got them. I'll be happy to read them and to say I was wrong (if I am) that Rick Scott never demonstrated a real concern for the Cuban people and his Cuban-American constituents.

This is definitely one issue we should be hearing from our candidates on at our Gubernatorial debates.


As Florida’s Republican governor from 2007-2011, Crist backed U.S. sanctions against Cuba.

What did Florida's governor in 2007 through 2011 have to do with the sanctions against Cuba?

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