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Scott laps Crist four times in January fundraising


Gov. Rick Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work” committee raised $3.4 million in January, but, for the first time, he got an additional boost from his own campaign account, according to finance reports due Monday.

Scott reported raising $734,036 in January, giving his candidacy a combined $4.1 million for the month. It’s the first month his personal campaign account raised money and it’s four times what his rival, Charlie Crist, managed to raise.

Crist raised $636,800 through his "Charlie Crist for Florida" committee. Combined with the $374,767 his own campaign raised, Crist brought in $1,011,567.

Lagging behind Scott is hardly good news for Crist, considering that Scott has already raised $32,262,936 through January, while Crist, who announced his run in November, has raised a total of $5,048,031.

But at least Crist is slow to spend what he’s got, blowing through only $380,237 of his total through January. But Scott has been miserly as well, spending about $519,569.

Attorney General Pam Bondi continued to outpace her three rivals, raising $10,000 in her "And Justice for All" committee and another $178,000 from her "Justice for All committee". Of course, you already read that in this blog post.

But here’s some more info. Her biggest contribution by far came from the Republican State Leadership Committee-Florida PAC, which threw in $100,000. Other notable contributions came from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and Florida Power & Light. All three gave $25,000 each.

But that’s just the combined total from her committees. Don’t forget that she also has her own campaign account, which raised another $147,293 ($50,000 of that courtesy of Republican Party of Florida in-kind contributions) so her combined total in January was $325,293.

Since announcing her reelection bid in July, Bondi has raised about $2.1 million.

By comparison, Florida House Minority Leader Perry Thurston managed to scrape only $4,679 together to raise his total to $38,494 and former secretary for the Florida Department of Children and Families, George Sheldon, raised $20,180 to raise his total to $78,512.

(Actually, not a bad month for Sheldon. Is he pulling ahead of Thurston for the Democratic nomination?)

Libertarian AG candidate Bill Wohlsifer raised $822 in January to raise his total to $1,622.

Republican Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater didn’t let his failed bid to be the president of Florida Atlantic University put a damper on his fundraising efforts. He raised $106,388 in January, upping his total to nearly $1.3 million, dwarfing his Democratic opponent, William Rankin, who mustered an absurdly low $373 for a total of $5,574.99.

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam raised $101,630 in the first month of 2014, so he has nearly $1.3 million, too. His Democratic opponent, Thaddeus Hamilton, raised $3,967 for a total of $10,485.


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Wow, from the sound of this, we should just not bother to get out and vote, the election has already been decided by money raised and expected to be spent.

How cynical and fortunately untrue.

Get out and vote for whoever you want or at least cast a vote against whoever you don't want.

Don't let anyone, any ad, any poll, convince you (or even suggest) your vote won't make a difference, because it can, and it will.

Our freedom to vote is one of the things that makes this country great. Our elected officials should be helping, not hindering, the process of voting.

Ed Jenkins

The citizens are now showing how much the political novice has won them over with these impressive campaign donations to a man that they appreciate for his exemplary fiscal stewardship of a state that the scumbag crist left in terrible shape.

Friends of Ed Jenkins

We will be holding Ed's intervention in the near future.

Those interested in participating please advise.

Bill Thompson

Most of Scott's money is coming from out of state carpetbaggers. Follow the money.

The Florida state budget has been balanced every year by law by every governor, including the years served by Charlie Crist.


Shut the hell up Thompson you loser, no one wants to hear your whining about how you are jealous that others are more successful than you loser ass. You are always going to be a loser and you just want politicians to bring successful people down to your pathetic level, well it isn't going to happen loser.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Yet - Scott is still losing. Money is not as important for Crist as it would normally be for a challenger. Why -- he's already well known to Floridians. Also - this article's headline is somewhat misleading. The monthly fundraising was pretty close - not counting Scott dumping his own money into his campaign.

Bill Thompson

Funny, here's a guy calling me a loser who is hiding behind an initial that's probably his grade point average and afraid to post under his real name. I think everyone can see who the real loser is here.

I can also see that the truth hurts because the RPOF attack dogs come out immediately to try and intimidate & shout opposing views down.

Bill Thompson

Big out of state money is flooding into the RPOF as part of the whole pay-for-play scheme they are running in Tallahassee. The only way that Scott can win is to use his millions to buy the election, blanket the tv with negative ads and use his power to keep democrats from voting. He can't run on his record and philosophy because the majority of citizens have already seen it and don't like what they see.


Bill keep up your intelligent and rational postings.

But we love D!

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