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Scott now urges Boehner to support flood insurance bill


Gov. Rick Scott today urged House Speaker John Boehner to take up legislation to provide relief to Florida homeowners getting rocked by higher flood insurance rates.

“For too long, Florida has been a donor state to the National Flood Insurance Program by contributing $16 billion over the last three decades, which is nearly four times the amount Florida homeowners have received back in claims," Scott said in a statement. "I also again extended an invitation to Speaker Boehner to join me if the President accepts my invitation to meet on this important topic. The President needs to let Florida families know now how he will undo the outrageous flood insurance hikes he forced on Floridians. Whether a legislative or executive fix, we need immediate action for Florida families.”

The move is a bit of a shift for Scott, who had basically ignored Congress and tried to press President Obama to take executive action. Boehner and other House leaders have indicated they do not like the Senate bill that passed last week, contending it goes to far in reversing 2012 reforms under the Biggert-Waters Act. Today, House Democrats attempted, and failed, to use a procedural tactic to get a vote on the Senate bill.


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Ed Jenkins

The taxpayers have made it clear they have no interest in subsidizing those that engage in risky activities such as living in flood zones. A free market for insurance best resolves this issue since it will cause people to take into account the total cost of owning a house and factor that into how much they can pay to buy a house.

Bill Thompson

The actions of government should not be disruptive of the free markets and the transactions of commerce. The Biggert-Waters act passed by the U.S. Congress in 2012 is exactly that. The reason that the USA is the economic power that it is and the leader of the free world is because of our open economy and the rule of law. This law abruptly changed the rule of law regarding flood insurance and is drastically disrupting the real estate market place and the flow of commerce. It is damaging to the real estate industry and to many average citizens who overnight are seeing their premiums go up drastically and dropping the values of their largest asset, their homes. This is being done by government changing the rule of law drastically overnight. The government also arbitrarily changed the flood maps, putting houses into a flood zone that were not in a flood zone when they were purchased. If adjustments are truly required, there should be a long phase in period to allow the market place to adjust. This is not how a party that allegedly believes in free markets and small government should conduct itself. This is how a russian politburo acts. The GOP needs to fix this or face the consequences in November.


Subsidizing Beach Houses for the Rich is a Republican priority but subsidizing someone making minumum wage for healthcare is Socialism.


This is to all who truly don't understand.When a bill is passed that waits a year to publish the new rates for flood insurance and know one can say what those rate are until Oct 1,2013 .Then a grandmother who lived in her home for 23 years go to sell her small two bedroom home in indianapolis ,Indiana that is priced for sale at 99,000 in a 100 year flood area now becomes $ 9,856.00 a year for the new buyer's flood insurance premium .The home can no longer be sold leaving her with out the money to retire.This is not effecting the rich coastal owners ,it's effecting everyone.Rates should adjust for area which have frequent claims and remain stable in area with out claims or adjust slowing .


The flood insurance premium rates could be reduced if more credit was granted for actions to mitigate damage. The FEMA web site details methods to mitigate flood damage then goes on to state that such efforts will not result in reduced insurance rates. WHY NOT? Why should someone build a sea wall or berms or foundation barriers which will reduce risk and not receive reduced insurance rates?

Gary Monday

I am not rich just a homeowner for over 30 years(that has never missed a payment on my mortgage or insurance)probably a rare breed in today;s economy. The new flood rates will force me to move from my home in Florida. The Bill passed last year by Congress was a Bad Bill even the Senate admits this. The House of Representatives feel only rich people own homes near the water in Florida. This only proves that the House of Representatives once again does not understand the people. Unfortunately people will lose their homes due to the skyrocketing flood insurance rates. Anyone interested in buying a home near the water in Florida,the annual insurance rates are going to be in the neigborhood of $30,000 for a 65 year old home. These payments will keep FEMA running a few more years to cover storms and disasters in the Midwest.(sounds like a FAIR bill doesn't it).


Florida should secede from the NFIP if at all possible . I recently bought a lot in a Palm Coast community where the " approved " builders never mentioned to me before I bought from 3rd party that I was in AE flood zone . My research now has come to the fact that Florida participants are actually doners to the program . $ 3.60 in for every $ 1.00 claimed. For 16 plus years now . If we have our own pool we ould survive . At the time I will not build the $ 500,000 home I was going to in fear of its vaue later on

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