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Secret schedule keeps Lopez-Cantera well-hidden

How do you say "invisible" in Spanish? (In-vi-SEE-blay).

After a 10-month search for his new lieutenant governor, Gov. Rick Scott announced the selection of Carlos Lopez-Cantera with much fanfare last month.But since taking office Feb. 3, Lopez-Cantera has been largely out of sight, and Scott's office appears to want it that way.

Lopez-Cantera is the first LG in memory whose daily schedule is being kept private. After waiting nearly two-and-a-half weeks, The Times/Herald asked Tuesday that starting Wednesday, Feb. 19, his schedule be made public. It wasn't.

Communications director Frank Collins and deputy Monica Russell gave no reason why his schedule remains a state secret.

"He'll do a great job," Scott told reporters on Feb. 3. Really? How will we know?

Lopez-Cantera apparently has so little to do that his schedule isn't worth circulating or Scott's people want his activities kept from public knowledge. The lieutenant governor did appear at a Wednesday breakfast with Palm Beach County Republicans and a luncheon with Miami GOP women Tuesday -- events that were publicized by the Republican Party of Florida.

Scott's office routinely provided the schedule of Lopez-Cantera's predecessor, Jennifer Carroll. For comparison, here's her schedule from one year ago today:

8:00am-1:00pm          STAFF AND CALL TIME
Location:         The Florida State Capitol Building
                                    Address:          400 South Monroe Street
                                                            Tallahassee, FL
Location:         The Florida State Capitol Building
1:30pm-2:00pm         STAFF AND CALL TIME
Location:         The Florida State Capitol Building
Location:         The Florida State Capitol Building
2:15pm-5:15pm         STAFF AND CALL TIME
Location:         The Florida State Capitol Building
Location:         The Florida Governor’s Mansion
                                    Address:          700 North Adams Street
                                                            Tallahassee, FL 32301


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Bill Thompson

This is just further evidence that Lopez Cantera was only brought on board in an attempt to boost Scott's weak polling numbers among Hispanics.


Shut the hell up Thompson you prick. No one wants to hear your whining because you are such a miserable failure in life and you are jealous that others are more successful you loser.

Highly paid Republican operative

D. you are the best.

Please keep intelligently and convincingly spreading the word on behalf of our boss Rick Scott!

Ed Jenkins

As has been mentioned previously, the readers have stated that they see no need for stories on political leaders schedules as those invited to the meetings should already now the schedule and those not invited have no reason to know these schedules. These schedules only seem to be demanded by political enemies of various political leaders because they believe that it is a problem that a political leader has invited certain people to a meeting, but they will find issues to complain about regardless so their interests do not need to be considered.

Bill Thompson

As has been observed previously by the readers, as soon as a commentator posts their observation that happens to cast the Scott administration in a negative light, they dispatch the attack dogs to immediately silence that person and to stifle the free and open discussion of ideas, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The Scott administration is very, very scared of losing in November, especially with their internal polls showing them trailing Crist and will do anything and everything to win, including stifling the free and open expression of political views. It is shameful that the Scott administration is openly contemptuous of the media and for the voters of our great family friendly state that Scott feels that he does not need to follow the law regarding the disclosure of the Governor's and Lt. Governor's schedule because he thinks that he will not be held accountable for his secret closed door meetings.


Shut the hell up thompson you prick, no one wants to hear your whining. It must suck for you to go through life as such a failure that you have to be jealous of the successful people because your life sucks so much you loser.

Bill Thompson

As the readers can clearly see, I have struck a tender nerve because the attack dogs are running rampant, foaming at the mouth and running wild. I guess the truth hurts.

It is sad that a person like you has so much unhappiness, bitterness and failure in their lives that they have to spend their lives hiding anonymously behind a phony name and only has the mental capacity to attack other people and call them names because you don't agree with their opinion. You're like that failed bitter jealous artist that went into the museum this week and broke a $1 million urn.


Ah, there's nothing like a commentator here using such erudite words as 'whining' and characterizing the one posting as a 'prick' to convince me their view of the situation is the correct one. (yeah, that was sarcasm).

You're not fooling anyone, you know.

D, can you intelligently comment on the topic? Or can you only attack other posters? From what I've read here so far from you, only the latter.

Can't take anymore

Everyone knows Carlos was hired as LTG to help scrub the stink off the Scott brand in the Cuban-American community in South Florida. Scott could care less about the Puerto Ricans living around Orlando or Mexican-Americans in the agricultural communities. A very large majority of those folks vote Democrat. The taxpayers have funded a full time campaign aide and fund raiser since Carlos does nothing for the people of Florida; just there to try to get slick Rick re-elected.


I find the back and forth pretty humorous.

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