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Sink donates to Crist campaign


Remember back in the dog days of Summer 2013, when Alex Sink was still flirting with the idea of running for governor and described a potential Charlie Crist candidacy as a "disaster" for Florida Democrats? Well, she seems to have gotten over it - or at least decided it does her no good to bash the likely Democratic nominee.

Campaign finance reports show that on Jan. 31, Sink wrote a $1,000 check to Crist. Not sure if that amounts to a formal announcement, but Sink has not given a dime to Crist's longshot primary opponent, former state Sen. Nan Rich.


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Can't take anymore

Unless Nan wants to assure Scott's re-election she needs to fold her tent and go home. She clearly has no role in the 2014 election except as a spoiler. The last time that happened we inherited that lazy self promoter Marco Rubio as our US Senator. Nan needs to understand she will never be the Governor of Florida.

thomas wilson

In the words of Joe Wilson "You lie"

Highly paid Republican operative

Please do not leave the race Nan Rich.

Ed Jenkins

This is outrageous and justifies the fact that this democrat primary voter did not make a choice on the governor like of his ballot last time. While the Scott candidate was a political novice and therefore a vote could not be justified, the dirty banker Sink was a choice that could not be made and now this democrat primary voter along with many others in the state has been won over with the exemplary fiscal management of this highly underrated Scott. It is even more telling that no money was given by the hypocrite sink to the true democrat nancy who received the endorsement by the highly respected able lieutenant McKay which has convinced many democrat primary voters that the nance lady was just having a bad day when she offended the voters of family friendly florida.

Highly paid Republican operative

Good job Ed but please incorporate more scumbag Crist into your posts.

This Demicrat Primary Voter

This Democrat Primary Voter sees lots of run-on sentences too.


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