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Six potential sites identified for Miami MLS stadium


David Beckham has jetted off. Rabid soccer fans have gone home. Paparazzi have trained their cameras elsewhere.

Now comes the real work for Beckham and his investors hoping to bring an expansion Major League Soccer franchise to Miami.

The sports venture hinges on building a new soccer stadium. And finding a home for one won’t be easy.

To replicate the MLS’ success in other cities, Beckham’s group wants 10 to 12 acres downtown near public transportation, to lure fans and save on parking costs. Oh, and bay views would be nice.

Few sites fit even some, much less all, of that criteria — especially if a deal has to be completed within the next six months or so, now that Beckham has exercised an option in his contract to purchase a new franchise for a discounted $25 million.

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Ed Jenkins

Once again the citizens welcome any new business and there are many new ones due to the business friendly environment in this state but they would like to remind this group that this is the wrong place to come if you are looking for taxpayer handouts for a stadium only you will profit, from this includes below market deals on land sales or leases. We would also recommend that these people not rely on the public providing transportation to those attending these games as a form of subsidy either, these people should provide their own transportation.

We would recommend that these people not establish a soccer team here because this country has no interest in such a primitive sport as we have much more advanced sports here including football which evolved out of soccer because of this country's boredom with such a dull sport and as the article notes the "Rabid soccer fans have gone home" to their countries.

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