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Sugar baron's Castro-regime overtures draw Cuban-exile fire

The Washington Post had a fascinating story about how Alfy Fanjul, Florida Crystals sugar baron, is sidling up to Cuba.

Now, Cuban exile groups who once counted on the Fanjuls support are predictably upset. Here's Capitol Hill Cubans:

Now, despite the continued brutality of Cuba's dictatorship, Fanjul wants to invest part of this amassed fortune in the Castro brothers' business monopolies...

Of course, this is music to the ears of the Castros, who see Alfy as someone who can channel their interests to 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, Fanjul knows well that the Cuban people -- his brethren -- are strictly prohibited from engaging in foreign trade and investment. This "privilege" is strictly reserved for Fidel and Raul Castro's monopolies.

Here's the Washington Post story, and here's Capitol Hill Cubans


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Ed Jenkins

I like an extra spoonfull of sugar with my cuban coffee. I guess that makes me a communist.
Has anyone seen my slippers, still can't find them. I think the dog may have eaten them.


Castros brothers are in the business to make millions of dollars, and they know the know how and to whom they can re-sell the goods they can obtain in the market or other countries send to them for various reasons. In the case of the Fanjul's family, they are business people and they do not care about the exile groups sentiments or felling or political views


Finally sense and reason is overcoming the old and failed US policy towards Cuba. Still, Miami politicians are outraged when their decrepit Cuba policy is opposed and their funding threatened. Policies advocated by the usual anti-Cuban Miami politicians have a tremendous negative impact on those they alleged to help yet the ordinary Cuban continues to suffers under the embargo and other anti-Cuban measures. US taxpayer money support for the anti-Cuban Miami industry, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year, is nearing and end. The American people are tired of wasting their taxes on failed policies and seeing business opportunities go to other countries. Cubans in Miami are beginning as have the American people, to break away form the dismal governmental policies of the US against Cuba.

Can't take anymore

The Fanjul boys have never been about anything but the bottom line of capitalism: maximizing profits. They have played the long game across generations and are likely be ready to return to Cuba to pick up where they left off in 1959. The Fidelistas will fade away quickly when El Jefe finally kicks off and many doors of opportunity will re-open in Cuba. Too bad US businesses will still be blocked from participating by an embargo sustained by Dade Co. Republican Cubans.

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