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Venezuelan president: Florida Senator Marco Rubio is "craziest of the crazies"


Two weeks ago, Florida Senator Marco Rubio condemned the crackdown on anti-government protesters by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro "and his thugs."

Looks like word got to Maduro.

The same day Rubio issued his statement, Maduro publicly called Rubio "el loco de los locos" -- the craziest of the crazies -- as first reported by the Daily Caller.

"Havanas puppet @NicolasMaduro can attack me but world sees what he is doing to people of #Venezuela #ResistenciaVzla," Rubio tweeted Sunday night, linking to the Daily Caller's post.

Maduro also referred to Rubio as one of the "corrupt bandits" who supports Luis Posada Carriles, the Cuban exile militant who fled terrorism charges in Venezuela, and of following a "script" from the Venezuelan opposition.

"They don't know the world," Maduro said, apparently referring to U.S. senators like Rubio (who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee). "They just get scripts passed along to them."

View the Maduro clip below, or watch his full speech here, with the Rubio comments beginning at the 1:14 mark. Both are in Spanish.



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Wear it like a badge Senator.

Ed Jenkins

The citizens of florida are pleased that their most popular senator is not looked on positively by one of the most horrible political leaders in the world and would be worried if he were complimented by this most terrible communist dictator.

Highly paid Republican operative

Ed even though you say you are a Democrat primary voter I knew you were
one of us. Most popular Senator Rubio not Nelson.

Keep up the good work. We love loyal Republicans.


Rubio asked for this when he started making ugly digs at Maduro on twitter. He certainly showed little class, and in no way was the statesman that Floridians and the US expect him to be. How embarrassing.

Ed Jenkins

Readers may from time to time make the mistake that some politicians have made in trying to court this democrat primary voter and especially in trying to coerce him into making political contributions to their respective parties. However this democrat primary voter has kept the same voter registration for decades and does not join parties or make contributions as there are more worthy causes for excess funds such as charities for those who are less fortunate.

Ed Jenkins

As for the comment that the Rubio senator is most popular, it is simply a statement of fact as he was voted in by a margin of 20% compared to only 13% for my old friend bill who may have seen his last race due to the early signs of dementia he appears to be showing.


this Maduro guy is sharp as a tack.
now only if we had some Republican voters in FloriDUH who weren't dumb as a box of rocks!
tell Maduro we'll do a package deal. If he can talk to Fidel we can ship Little Marco AKA as "the Cuban turd" back to the island.
We'll also throw in canadian born Cuban Ted Cruz AKA "another Cuban turd".
Floridians are just dying to get rid of these two losers!

El Macho

Yea go blow somebody Joe, you incredible idiot!!!! LOL!


Joe Blow is so well informed that he didn't know that Ted Cruz is not a Floridian and he's so eloquent that he cannot make a point without vulgarity. Sounds as if he is well qualified to exemplify the meaning of 'loser' but under qualified to articulate an educated opinion.

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