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ACLU, SAVE plan 'major announcement' about 'rights of married gay couples in Florida'


The ACLU of Florida and SAVE “are planning a major announcement Thursday morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to announce an initiative to protect the rights of married gay couples in Florida,” said Howard Simon, executive director of ACLU of Florida.

The news conference will feature Simon, SAVE Executive Director Tony Lima and a group of “married same-sex partners living in Florida,” according to a news release on Wednesday.

Stay tuned …




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There are no recognized "married" gay couples in Florida.

Ed Jenkins

The people have already decided overwhelmingly that they do not want these activities going on in their state. There is no reason for this hometown paper to report on such appalling behavior which could be viewed by children or families. Though the citizens have recently re-affirmed their great opposition to these activities it never should have been necessary as it has been settled law since the nation was founded.

Rev Dr Stephen Wayles

All the FLORIDA couples, same gender or opposite gender, who have been married in California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Hawaii, Washington State, Washington,D.C., Illinois, Minnesota, Rhode Island - as well as those already married in Canada, two states and the Capital of Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, etc where are marriages are legal - are already recognized as married by the U.S. Government. Several national religious denominations (Christian, Jewish and Unitarian) which have conferences, diocese, Synods and local congregations (in addition to those churches which identify themselves as gay/lesbian denominations) within the state of Florida - already authorize their ministers, priests and rabbis to conduct same gender marriage ceremonies for their members and neighbors. These religious bodies and clergy, as well as Florida's gay and lesbian couples, are experiencing blocks to their Constitutional first amendment rights to conduct such ceremonies by present Florida law. It is time for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians in Florida. Will the Supreme Court have to act as it did in the case of inter-racial marriage?

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