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Ahead in polls, medical marijuana poised for ad-war win


Medical marijuana is so popular in Florida that 78 percent of likely voters in Republican-controlled state Senate districts back the idea, according to a recent state GOP poll obtained by The Miami Herald.

The survey echoes two others last month that found medical-marijuana support ranging from 64 percent to 70 percent — results consistent with every major Florida public poll released in the past year.

And the favorable political environment for a proposed medical-marijuana constitutional amendment isn’t just limited to public opinion.

Well-funded organized opposition is lacking right now. And, in an ironic twist, the most high-profile opponent of medical marijuana — Gov. Rick Scott — could indirectly and unintentionally help the proposed amendment, strategists say.

To win reelection, Scott’s campaign is likely to trigger a mammoth $150 million TV ad war, which could reduce the supply of available commercial advertising time, drive up the price of commercials and therefore make it tougher for outgunned anti-drug crusaders to get out their message.

“In an environment such as that, message-penetration can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money,” said Kyle Roberts, president of Virginia-based Smart Media Group, one of the nation’s premier political ad-buying firms.

The estimated $150 million that could be spent — $100 million from Scott and Republicans; $50 million from Democrat Charlie Crist — “can cause a lot of voter confusion when it comes to other issues on the ballot,” Roberts said.

Medical-marijuana opponents have one major advantage, however: It takes 60 percent voter approval — a high bar — to pass a constitutional amendment in Florida. That means just a minority of voters can defeat the proposal at the Nov. 4 polls.

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Frank Mirabella

It doesn't matter what the opponents do or spend. This amendment will pass comfortably with a margin well over the 60 percent required.

ed jenkins

The people of Florida are horrified that this illegal drug referendum has found its way onto their sacred ballot meant for serious measures. This family friendly state has no interest in drug abuse running rampant through and are disgusted that this drug dealer enabling measure is even being discussed which encourages innocent young children to be exposed to these dangerous illegal drugs. The readers have requested that no more articles on this horrible topic be written since this hometown paper is read by children as well who could get bad ideas from these articles.


They took a straw poll at the CPAC and even this stronghold of 'Conservatism' agreed that pot should be legalized. Love those Libertarians.


From what I have seen in states that have legalized so called 'medical marijuana' is that "medical marijuana" is being used as a short-cut way to getting recreational marijuana on the ballot. If marijuana does have legitimate medical usage then it should be in pill form minus the THC. The people who are funding and thus pushing the legalization of marijuana are doing it to make money off of the scheme. When you follow where the money is coming from you realize it has very little to do with health or medicine--actually just the opposite.

Also, since the proponents of legal marijuana essentially have no real opposition or comparable opposition media or funding to counter the array of televised pro-marijuana opinion pieces and adverts it would appear that marijuana will soon be freely smoked as cigarettes are everywhere.

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