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Ahead of Obama Miami fundraiser, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew winds up here during spring break


One day we'll invent a predictive gauge that correlates the weather in DC with the likelihood of a federal-official's official visit to Miami.

For right now, we'll just use a simple equation: Cold weather + DC visit = official South Florida appearance.

So come on down Treasury Secretary Jack Lew! He'll be at Miami-Dade College on Wednesday, March 19 "to highlight the importance of investing in workforce skills and job training to promote lasting economic opportunity, including for the middle class."

The following day, Thursday, President Obama is to headline a decidedly non-middle-class event: a high-dollar Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser at former NBA player Alonzo Mourning's home. The fundraiser will feature Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi, DCCC chair Steve Israel and Boca Raton Rep. Ted Deutch.

Last week, President Obama found a reason to come to Miami for an official event to discuss the "middle class" at Coral Reef Senior High School. Obama then choppered off to an exclusive Key Largo resort, the Ocean Reef Club, where he golfed with Mourning and Ahmad Rashad.

To tamp down on grumbling about his vacation time, the White House spread word that Obama might cancel the golf visit in case he had to monitor the situation in the Crimea. But Obama still went golfing. And Russia remains in de facto control of the former Ukrainian territory.

First Lady Michelle Obama came to South Florida just beforehand and also found reason to visit in February as well.

Here's the press release on Lew's visit: 

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, March 19, Secretary Lew will travel to Miami, Florida to highlight the importance of investing in workforce skills and job training to promote lasting economic opportunity, including for the middle class. The Secretary will tour the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College in downtown Miami and meet with students and companies that participate in Miami Dade’s Professional Training Corps (PTC) Program.  Launched in 2012, the PTC Program helps students earn associate degrees while providing them with professional development and work experience closely linked to labor market demand. 


While in Miami, the Secretary will also participate in a roundtable with local business and community leaders hosted by Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami. 


Press Logistics:


Wednesday, March 19


4:15 PM EDT



Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus

300 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33132



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Ed Jenkins

The citizens of south florida are tired of these politicians who so greatly harmed them by interfering with their business dealings with companies insuring against future medical expenses. This group of politicians is not welcome in this state has so greatly damaged the democrat party brand and has made it very difficult to vote for their successors who do not appear willing to undo the damage.

GOP Proud

Thanks Marc for reporting on this. It's mind boggling that he still has a 40% approval.

Ed Jenkins

The citizens would advise that these people to stop wasting our confiscated money with vacations here disguised as government work which only creates traffic problems for the resident and these residents have no interest in making political contributions to them so they should go elsewhere. This Mourning who might have been a local hero is greatly risking his stature in the city by associating with these horrible people.


nigga's like playing golf together! what's the big deal?

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